Of Biscuits & Betrayal

Upon reading news on Rock Paper Shotgun of a free biscuit offering for indies, I was overjoyed! I expressed my interest immediately, and was duly promised one of these very rare specimens…

The wait was long. Too long. Something must’ve happened somewhere along the way! This made me sad.

One can only wait for promised biscuits for so long before getting slightly emotional

Then, the news hit. Everybody else had already received their biscuits! This rendered me completely mad.

What ungodly forces were withholding me from my biscuit?

Also, hat. Yes.

Suspecting sabotage, I started an investigation whilst in a state of insanity. I thought about interrogating the dog, but refrained from doing so for obvious reasons.

"Don't ask", she seemed to say...

After several unsuccessful inquiries I started to turn the house upside down. Could the biscuit I so longed for be hidden? I ended up in the garage.

I was desperate; searching absolutely everywhere

And then…

What is this madness!?

Rummaging through a bunch of rubbish I find what I have been so desperately looking for.

No mistake, it is the long awaited package

Something finally snaps...

As I descend ever further into madness I rip open the envelope.

Never have I been this impatient

Biscuits! BISCUITS! Devouring them leads to a momentary feeling of catharsis.

Sweet sweet biscuit, all mine now

As my mind slowly becomes unclouded, I recall that the biscuits have spent considerable time in their transport container before I recovered them. It does not take long before an uneasy feeling hits me.

Biscuits, what have you done to me!?

I suspect the consumption of these biscuits will have a considerable impact on my code writing abilities for the rest of the day.

Biscuits recovered, but humanity lost. I am but to wonder how it got to be this way…

Err, so yeah, check out my game Volo Airsport! It’s about wingsuit flying and it’s awesome! I’ve done a new trailer and everything!

  • tomeoftom

    Pleasepleaseplease set up a PayPal/whatever account so that you can receive donations! I for one would be more than happy to pre-order the game. I don’t even care if it never gets finished; I’m just so ecstatic that a proper wingsuit game is actually being made. Do it! I implore you!

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  • @tomeoftom I’m very pleased to hear that! I’ll set it up. 🙂

  • This is one of the most sinister things I’ve seen for a long time. Well done, I think!

  • Nic

    ROFL!!! You’ve made my day XD

    Looking forward to seeing more on your game 🙂

    Great blog btw, subscribed!

  • Very nice! I was laughing my ass off!

  • tomputer

    nice game I can not wait 🙂 thank you very much