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Rock Paper ShotgUnity – Rigid Body FPS Controller

(By request: This is a repost from my old blog)

Rock Paper Shotgun is an excellent PC gaming blog, maintained by some of the UK’s coolest gaming journalists. Recently I’ve done some programming for their community effort to create a game in Unity. It is an implementation of  a first person shooter movement system that utilises a rigidbody, so that it can be influenced by physics.

Some features:

  • Slope limiting
  • Movers (elevators, escalators, etc.)
  • Climbable surfaces (ladders, vines, etc.)
  • Air control (not finished)

Here’s the script: Clicketyclick

And here’s an in-game preview:

[WP_UnityObject src=”http://www.volo-airsport.net/games/rps/rps_game_mover.unity3d” width=”720″ height=”391″ altimage=”http://www.volo-airsport.net/games/rps/rps_game_preview.jpg”/]