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What’s Happening: End of the Year

Hey everyone!Ā Hope you’re all enjoying the festivities. šŸ™‚

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone for playing! It’s heartwarming that so many people like the game so much, even though it’s in such a raw state. And thanks again to the people who’ve purchased the game. While I certainly can’t make a living out of the earnings yet, it does let me purchaseĀ things likeĀ a license for a multiplayer networking package. Everything is being put right back into development.

Back in October I wanted to do a quiet release, just something to keep folks happy while I worked on a first ‘proper’ release. Of course, there’s no such thing as quiet on the internet, and the game got way more attention than planned.Ā Rock Paper ShotgunĀ andĀ PC Gamer USĀ both picked up on it for example, and many people enthusiastically shared the game with their friends.

While this was all very flattering, it also caused some pressure. Everyone was trying to play, but without configurable controls and a boatload of performance problems the game left a lot of people wanting. I thought I’d get some essential features done in about a week, which turned out to be a preposterous assumption.

Read what’s been happening since October below the jump.

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