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(November 2016 Edit: Hey, mzandvliet here! Just wanted to let you all know Aurora is still on our minds, and we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to make it come to life proper. Thank you so much for your continued support, I’m confident we’ll figure it all out.)

The Aurora Wager is a game created for the 7 Day Rogue Like event.


The game is about you (Jebe), your buddy Frits, your nemesis Frederik, and your wager to see who can make it to the North Pole first! By hot air balloon, of course. You will have to master navigating the airways, and explore the world to find the means to venture ever further.


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Download V4

Downloads now hosted at

Download V3

Windows MediaFire Mirror | Official Mirror
Mac MediaFire Mirror | Official Mirror
Linux MediaFire Mirror | Official Mirror

Soundtrack (By Michael Manning)

MediaFire Mirror | Official Mirror

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  • Arielpro

    I Found The Bug Of Walking Slow Again, But I Download The Game On Another Computer And All Was Normal
    (Bug Was On: Windows XP)
    (Working Ok On: Windows Vista)

    I Hope To See It Fixed

    • higamerXD

      yea and slow on windows8 some times…

    • Hate

      And crashed in Windows 7..

  • Lorestani

    I still have the problem when clicking “onwards and upwards” that everything freezes, my mouse disappears but the music continues playing.
    Any fix to this or any help ?

    • Jackson Edwards

      Hey friend, I’m Not Associated With The Developers But Is You’re Computer Slow?

      • Lorestani

        Nah, I have a pretty new asus G75VW, so it’s far from slow x)

    • Kevin Lui

      i have the same problem

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  • Jamy

    if we died during co-op we couldn’t click ‘i hate you frederik’ because we had no cursor, works fine if we just end it via the menu though

  • KAH

    I have the same problem as Lorestani

  • Shawn=)

    Please keep developing this game, it’s amazing =)

  • dominic

    it is awosme

    • dominic

      it needs to be fixed

  • tele

    Aurora V4 on system PCLinuxOS 32bit Mate, only first page working, game -not,

    and animation buttons in first page not working in full screen.

    Not errors in terminal, but not working

    $ ./TheAuroraWager.x86
    Set current directory to /home/gg/Pobrane/TheAuroraWager
    Found path: /home/gg/Pobrane/TheAuroraWager/TheAuroraWager.x86
    Mono path[0] = ‘/home/gg/Pobrane/TheAuroraWager/TheAuroraWager_Data/Managed’
    Mono path[1] = ‘/home/gg/Pobrane/TheAuroraWager/TheAuroraWager_Data/Mono’
    Mono config path = ‘/home/gg/Pobrane/TheAuroraWager/TheAuroraWager_Data/Mono/etc’

    log strace filter “open” files

    ( 1 month on paste.bin web page, 9.08-09.09.2013

    strace log

    strace work stange with this , because , working and working and working,
    something reading and not stop.

  • volt792000

    i cant run for some reason. my guy walks really slow instead

  • Hawkii

    Every time I try and edit the options and confirm it, it always ends up crashing and the changes doesn’t apply.

  • Kevin Lui

    plz help me it freezes when i click onwards and upwards and the musics still playing

  • Timetaken157

    I have windos 7 and i walk slowly 🙁

    • enpathi

      i walk super slow and the sensitivity on the mouse is throu the roof

  • LongshotMerchant

    I guess my computer is just rubbish but when I try to fly, it seems I am too heavy (no box’s on at all!) but when I hop off, it floats off never to be seen again. Also, I always have my cursor and the circle pointer on screen, this seems to cause my camera to continue spinning around uncontrollably at times. Any fixes for these? (I have V4 on Windows 7 64bit)

  • Wreckager99

    I have to admit This game is bloody amazing, and ive only just started
    I would like to see a use for the crates though, Other than weighing down your balloon. like Storing food or compasses or extra equipment

  • Haiden


  • Hollie Lindsay

    you need a Lenovo download, I cant play.

  • Mark Davidson

    good game 🙂

  • Torbjørn

    Hope we’ll see an update to this again soon, is there any chance of a timeframe for the next update?

  • Whats happening next with the game? I could see this on greenlight or something

  • Hate


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  • :I

  • Liz Rudd

    We paid but received nothing. 🙁

    • Hi Liz, thank you so much for your donation!

      The Aurora Wager are currently available for free, and you can download it right from this page. See the “Download V4” section for windows and mac versions.

      The donation option is there to support further development of the game, and to get access to any further releases in the event we no longer release the game for free.

      If you thought you’d get a new or full version of The Aurora Wager for the donation right this moment, then that is our fault entirely. We’re currently redesigning the website to make this much clearer, but for now it is a bit of a mess.

      If you’re ok with this agreement, that’s fantastic! If you’d rather get your money back and wait for new releases, that’s ok too. Let me know!

  • kevin

    so are there people still working on this game? Or has it fully stopped

  • Rundrop

    I wish the raising and lowering of the balloon in V4 was the same as V3, but with everything else the same

  • timpo

    this is a tremendous game. How free am I to run with YOUR idea and flesh this game type out more?

    • Hey, as long as you don’t break any copyright laws I can’t stop you. And if I tried, well that wouldn’t be very nice of me, really. 🙂

      I would like to return to Aurora development later, though, but right now all the focus is on Volo Airsport. I keep wishing I could work on both at the same time.

      If you have interesting ideas, and the ability to carry some weight, maybe we could collaborate on the game? If that’s something you’d like to discuss, send me an email at

  • mitch

    mouse really slow for some reason when on full

  • HDDareDevil

    Game works fine for me on my mac book air…

  • Fortytwo

    Hi 🙂
    Is there something supposed to happen when you mount one of the two flags you get at the start on the Victory Mount at the North Pole? I jumped off the balloon and flew to the pole on my own, flag in hands, planted it there and nothing happened. 😀
    Other than that: Great game, great idea, and great generosity to give it to us for free. Thank you! 🙂

    • Heya, thanks for playing, and well done on getting to the North Pole!

      The only thing that happens when you plant your flag right now is that Frederik can’t*plant his flag, so you’ve beaten him. But yeah, other than that nothing happens yet.

      We’d love to do more with the game, perhaps soon. 🙂

  • balloon flier

    How do you change the speed for your character? it wont let me.

  • enpathi

    how do i connect a controler

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  • LeonHD99

    Please continue the development of The Aurora Wager! I’m playing this game still today with my friends.

    Sorry for my bad english, I’m german.

    • We will. We have to. 🙂

      See my answer to Ryan Zamudio for more details on our current position on Aurora.

      Thank you so much for letting us know you’re still playing this game with friends. Out of interest, could you tell me a little bit about how you play Aurora with your friends? Like, what’s the coolest thing about playing it with your buddies? 🙂

  • Giodude

    If the devs see this, any interest in releasing the source code? I just want to do small things to it myself

  • Ryan Zamudio

    Hey guys, I know this game has pretty much been abandoned, but I just want to say thanks for all the funs times I had with some of my friends on it. I know it probably wont happen, but I just want to say if this game is ever released on steam in a more polished state I would buy it in a heartbeat.

    • Hi Ryan!

      We haven’t abandoned Aurora, we’re still figuring out what the best way to go about making it is.

      Here’s what I know: in 2013 we accidentally stumbled upon something amazing. We barely understood why it worked, but oh my god did it work. To us, and to a whole lot of people, it felt like magic.

      But then, while working on Volo we’ve found: jeesh, making a game while you don’t really know what you’re doing is hard. And with something like No Man’s Sky we can clearly see: if you try to rush something really ambitious lots of stuff tends to go really wrong.

      Here’s another thing I know: if you were to take our 2013 prototype and just add accepted game-isms, like experience points, more islands, more stuff to pick up on the islands, crafting, hunger, and all the other things… Well it would just turn into another game we already know, right? And the whole magic from the 2013 prototype comes from the fact that it *doesn’t* do any of those things.

      So then what did it do? And how do we expand on that meaningfully?

      Well, we’ve been figuring it out over the last few years. I’m completely serious when I say that I do some meaningful research, experiments and design work for Aurora at least every week.

      I’m also completely serious when I say that I deeply love Aurora. It’s one of the most defining things I’ve (accidentally) done with my life. I’m *not* done with it. Trying to figure out how to do The Aurora Wager justice is one of the central themes of my life right now. 🙂

    • Actually, would you mind telling me a little about how you played Aurora with friends, specifically? Like, what made the game tick for you? 🙂

      • Ryan Zamudio

        The main aspects of the game that appeal to me can be divided into two separate aspects that complement eachother in a way that clicks.The things that appeal to me are the simplicity of the game’s design and how much of an endeavor it is in order to complete it.

        The reason that I enjoy this seemingly simple game so much is because it’s such a carefree experience, where you’re not overwhelmed with data getting shoved down your throat, but instead it’s just you in the sky, alone with nothing but your thoughts(and maybe a friend, but more on that later). You don’t have the freedom to go wherever, but are instead guided in the proper direction by the winds, which in my opinion works really well because it helps people stay on track instead of stopping off at every island in sight. The game also works as an excellent medium for organic stories to bloom, which makes it a completely different experience with friends because you end up getting these situations where someone tossed something important overboard, or someone slipped and is stranded on an island. What i’m trying to say is that the game works as an amazing game to play when you just want to sit back and relax while you immurse yourself in its world.

        The second aspect is that the game does not hold your hand, and how sitting down and beating it takes time. While your enjoying the breathtaking experience of drifting among the clouds, there is always the nagging feeling of greater purpose to the game besides just waffling around in an air balloon, because there is. What i’m trying to say is that the game equally balances out the carefree aspects along with the bigger, more serious portions. Anyways, I need to get going, but at some point i’ll try and get my thoughts into a more coherent form.

  • Brian Wenner

    Rev sent me here.

  • Abe Vriens

    Are you guys still working on this game?

  • Dominik Quinn

    I have an idea for this game like you said about hunger and crafting I think there should be gamemodes survival and race(I don’t have a good name so I just came up with race) but I just hope you read this comment

  • Malev745

    MUltiplayer is bugged for me which i reall hate because i love playing this multiplayer
    please can you help me fix this? this is one of my favorite mp games so please D:

    • Heya, sorry to hear that. In what way is it bugged? Do the controls not work, does the game crash, do the physics break, or something else?

      • Malev745

        the bug is whenever i click on play as jebe and fritz or only play as jebe, the sound Works fine but the whole thing freezes nomatter what i do 🙁
        i really love thi game tho

        • Can you send me the log file made by the game after playing it? You can find it in: [game install location]/TheAuroraWager_Data/output_log.txt. It will likely be able to show me what’s going wrong.

          • Malev745

            okay, how can i send files by the way?
            thank you for your help !

          • Ah, should have mentioned: send it to, should be a small file size so just add it as an attachment.

        • … And by “after playing it” I mean “after having it crash”. 🙂

  • kevin

    I know its a dead game.. but i still want to play it with a friend… if you could somehow impliment multiplayer via hamachi or something alike i would love for you to do so…

  • Alexander Czippan-sowter

    Is there any way to connect an xbox controller for split screen? I don’t seem to know how to get it working.

  • Gabriel Osborne

    I discovered this prototype like 4 years ago and every once in a while i play it with some music in the background and chill out among the clouds in my balloon. It increasingly seems like it won’t be worked on anymore which is sad, but I appreciate the taste we got

  • Nyx Saighdiuir

    Hey guys, just want to say, I found this game many years ago, and like others mentioned, would love to see your games on Steam. Any news on potential projects upcoming, or anything in the works for the games currently developed? Thanks for such a unique gaming experience.