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Ramjet Anvil Show 15: Parachuting in VR

— With the latest 3.7 beta we’re bringing VR flying back to Volo! —

00:00 Oh my god it’s VR
04:12 About motion controls
05:54 The subtlety of brake lines and gamepad triggers
10:18 Parachute selection with gamepad
12:31 Performance improvements
14:52 Pilot now relaxes under canopy
16:02 Fixed tendency for all canopies to bank left without input

Ramjet Anvil Show Ep. 8: Fantasy & Realism

Howdy Pilots!

We take a question from the comments about Volo’s current and future art direction, looking at the space between the concepts of pure realism and pure fantasy, where the two are much alike, and where we think they can really help each other.

01:02 Luc Sommerland’s comment (thanks!)
01:45 The space between realism and fantasy in game simulation
12:47 Lots of concept art!
18:31 User generated content

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