The Aurora Wager Changelist

V4 (Released 10-05-2013)



  • Split-screen multiplayer support (just technically though, no real gameplay changes yet)
  • In-game graphics and input configuration screens
  • Overhauled wind field system (smoother, more variation, some interesting anomalies, less prone to crashing the physics engine)
  • Overhauled wind graphics (More particles, longer trails, wider range, optimized performance)
  • Linux version now comes with both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries


  • Balloon altitude is limited to 3000 meters (~10000 ft.)
  • Flag now rotates with wind direction
  • Fuel amount per canister cut in half


  • Fixed grappling hook becoming huge when latched to gondola (controls still suck though)
  • Many performance optimizations

Known Issues


  • Input remapping procedure breaks the remapping controls to use the triggers on the Xbox 360 controller (remap these last, restarting the game fixes this)
  • Performance takes a hit when playing split screen


  • Mouse cursor cannot be locked due to a Unity bug. (Recommend playing in full screen for now)
  • Fog graphics fail to render properly in some cases
  • Rope graphics fail to render properly in some cases

V3 (Released 07-04-2013)

  • Fixed catastrophic wind bug near North Pole, it can now actually be reached
  • Wind is a lot more versatile
  • Intensity and direction vary more as you get closer to the North Pole* Makes navigation more interesting, and quite a bit harder
  • All physical objects are now affected by the wind. (Yes, even you!)
  • Balloon weights and aerodynamics have been tweaked
  • It now falls faster
  • Its ropes have less dampening to them
  • Burner rates and efficiencies have been tweaked
  • Small burner is slow but steady
  • Medium and big burn faster, at lower efficiencies
  • Can now lift off without having to hop
  • Added gauges
  • Vertical velocity
  • Balloon temperature
  • The opposite side of the gondola now also features these gauges
  • Held items are now displayed slightly more towards the center of the screen
  • Cloud layer death zone is now higher
  • Various low-level optimizations
  • Drag now respects rigidbody sleep velocity
  • Added application icon
  • Fixed item spawn­ing on islands some­times being disabled
  • Sig­nif­i­cantly reduced amount of fuel in canisters
  • Fixed burner effects still play­ing when out of fuel
  • TheHybrid

    There is no way to fullscreen on linux.

  • LeonHD99

    Please continue the development of The Aurora Wager! I’m playing this game still today with my friends.

    Sorry for my bad english, I’m german.