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Version 3 (and up) of Volo Airsport can be purchased on our home page.

Download Older Releases

Version 1 and 2 are still available to download and play for free, but are no longer supported by us.

Download Volo Airsport V2 Win | Download Volo Airsport V2 Mac | (Early Oculus Rift Builds) Download Volo Airsport V1 Win

Here’s the controls

    • Back: Reset/Respawn
    • Start: Pause
    • Left stick: Pitch/Roll
    • Right stick: Camera
    • Triggers: Yaw
    • A: Close Leg wing
    • B: Close Right Arm Wing
    • X: Close Left Arm Wing
    • Y: Close Both Arm Wings

The first times you play you’ll find yourself tumbling down and crashing. This is perfectly normal. The control scheme is complex and gives you a lot of control; but it expects a lot of finesse. Some tips

  • A gentle touch is key
  • Pull back on the pitch control slightly maintain an even glide angle
  • Banking turns usually require simultaneous use of the pitch, roll and yaw controls to find the right balance
  • Close wings temporarily for fast manoeuvring
  • Crashing lots is fine

Please send me any feedback you have! Feel free to share the game with friends. And if you think you’ve gotten the hang of it, record your runs and share ‘em on Youtube! I’m really curious to see what kind of lines you can pull off.


Controls Configuration Some folks are having trouble setting up their own gamepads and joysticks. The most common problem is that Unity’s button numbers start from 0, not from 1. So your joystick’s button 3 should be entered as button 2 in the configuration panel. Future versions of the game will have an in-game configuration screen for all this. Playstation 3 Controller users can use MotionInJoy to map their controls to the game.

Performance Performance on older or lower-end systems can be bad. If you experience framedrop, shakey bodyparts or stuttering camera motion you are most likely affected by performance problems. Don’t fret about having to upgrade your system just yet! I have lots of optimizing to do, and future versions of the game will likely run both faster and prettier.

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  • Jurg

    I have been waiting forever for a game like this one. Its amazing!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much and i wish you all the best!

  • jack

    sorry but on mac how can i use a xbox controller i installed a custom driver but i cant control him

  • Matt

    Can I say, this is so much fun, I can’t wait to see other releases soon 🙂
    I would love to see people making custom maps for it as well though

  • Joe

    Well done on this game, it fells as it should. a couple of suggestions for the final game.

    1) I amuse you will have a character models on to the base body in the alpha. I think that you should have some character models of girls with long hair and have the hair flow behind her. the hair having physics so that is flows like it would in real life. Also you should incorporate some lose clothing in to the game. For example the diver could have some lose fabric on his suit.

    2) Also i think you should add some buildings. If you are adding challenges in to the game, a cool map to make would be one where there are some open arches or bridges over towns in a valleys. The challenge is to fly though the valley under the bridges. Maybe some large windows in a house on the way down that you could fly through as even more of a challenge.

  • Ron

    im using an old laptop for this and im using my logitech flying joystic but my camera angles are just doing 360 of my guy. How do i stop this

    • Can you tell me the exact type of logitech joystick you have? Thanks!

  • Santicol

    I would love to see keyboard controllers 😀

    • Caterpiggle

      Same here. I really want to play! 🙁

    • I’m just now putting my new input config system in Aurora and once that’s done it goes into Volo as well. 🙂

  • kyis

    Looks very promising, please look into Nvidia 3D vision and AMD HD3D as well as Oculus Rift.
    That kind of game will probably be awesome in 3D and mind blowing on rift ^^. (Might need a first person view with an optional thumbnail 3rd person view maybe.)

    Also please continue the aurora wager, it’s brilliant, it would be great if the flag showed wind direction, and the valve and burner targets were reachable from everywhere inside the gondola, maybe even make the gauges alternate targets for the burner and the valve.

    Keep up the awesome.

    • Thanks so much!

      My Oculus Rift devkit is on its way, so I’ll be messing about with it real soon. Thanks for all the suggestions!

  • .:KaKeSaTaN:.

    Have played tha game now every day probably in 2 month and its just pure epic! cant w8 for futher relises in the game and how its gonna turn out! but is it in some way possible to generate a new map? maby Volo Alpha 0.3 that is just another map whit same controls and configs? if this is not to much wourk! Maby not that flat tarrain. anyhow this game is fucking mindblowing and in my mind ther is no other game that gives my this thrill to play! GOOD wourk guys, keep on programming!

  • ThatGuyOverTheHill

    What are the minimum Requirements?

  • Trav

    When is the next Alpha update coming out? I don’t want an exact date, just around. 🙂

    • m_zandvliet

      Hey Trav, I’ll give Volo much needed love after The Aurora Wager V4 is released. This weekend I’m skipping ahead a little and have been trying to get the Oculus Rift integrated. 🙂

      • Trav

        Okay thanks for the update 🙂

      • Mmmm, volo rift, sounds ridiculous! Think you’ll be releasing the version with it integrated for us to break our faces on?

  • Nils Preben Brundtland

    whats up?

  • kursad

    amazing 🙂 i hope,you keep working on it. good luck

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  • Zonetripper

    This is some of the coolest gameplay I have ever seen! Keep it up and hope to try the rift version soon!

  • Ed Whately-Smith

    just tried it using sixaxis with motioninjoy, feels good, but needs a little bit of calibration to make it perfect

  • Gabriel N. L.

    Hey, I dont have a joystick and I want to control it with my keyboard. Is it possible?

    • geoge

      yeah i want to know to

      • Sorry, keyboard/mouse controls are not available in these early versions. We’ve implemented them in v3 though! Get it at

        An up-to-date demo version of the game, with all of v3’s improvements, will be released at some point in the future.

  • Dragy

    It would be a very good simulator of wingsuit flying. Nice work, keep it up. Looking forward to new update! 🙂

  • Hi. Will you be releasing the update for oculus rift integration this week? I can imagine a few rifters (including myself) are desperate to play Volo Airsport with the rift strapped to our faces. ESPECIALLY considering how much fun it sounded like you were having! : )
    I’m really looking forward to it.

    • Hey Paul! Yeah, the Rift enabled version of Volo is my next point of business after having released Aurora V4 just now. This week I added some more essential features (like modeling neck movement, multiple camera perspectives, etc.).

  • Thomas Travis

    Volo looks great with the Oculus Rift. It’s just a shame that I don’t have one to test with 🙁

  • JeremyID

    I can’t wait for the next update

  • Blah

    Would be nice if I could play with a keyboard.

  • Wait so I have to have a 360 controller to play this game? whats up with that…

  • pilotry281

    I’ve spent so many hours playing this already. I love it, thank you. I can’t wait for the rift version, its going to blow my mind. It so impressive the way the character reacts to quick turns as it actually happens in real life. One quick question though, I have about 80 European wingsuit base jumps and ~150 wingsuit skydives and there is one inaccuracy between the game and the real thing–the stall point. When you get a little too noise high, before it starts getting unstable like a marble on top of a ball (at least for my phantom 2), the glide ratio drops off significantly and your horizontal speed is shot, then it starts becoming regular skydive aerodynamics again. I did it enough times over there to know, when you piss away your horizontal speed because you are trying to max your glide, you end up screwing yourself over. It would be awesome if that dynamic was incorporated into the game so that you are on pins and needles about whether you are too nose high. But I’m sure you wingsuit yourself or have done extensive research because this game feels so accurate, so just a thought. Anyway thanks again, its so cool.

    • dean baram

      I never sky dived in my life let alone wingsuit skydive 🙁
      But I second the notion that this game is fantastic, but it always felt odd that I could climb up like that, I always figured that it’s to be forgiving to players.

      But it would be really cool and add the feeling of danger that I can’t point my nose up too high or I’ll stall, especially with the rift version.

      Dear god how I want to have a release version of this game and a rift.
      Make it happen and I shall rain dollars upon your head like the game dev sultan that you are!

  • Nick Toeniskoetter

    whens the next release

  • Ryan Adams

    Loving the game, Expect a video of it up on my YouTube channel soon,

  • Alexander Bryant

    Wow, this is an awesome little toy. Could you please include a Config file where we can adjust certain variables like Start Position, Altitude (jetpack mode ;]) etc? Would make things a bit more interesting! Already sunk about 3 hours into it already, I love physics games!

  • Fran

    Nothing too crazy but had some fun with it! LOVE THE GAME! Can’t wait for the the next update.

  • Chris Spray

    I managed to get my vertical velocity down to 3m/s.

    At what VV would I survive?

  • Yianni R

    Can we have a keyboard controlled option? Eg. WASD to pitch/roll, IOP to collapse individal wings?

  • econik

    The game doesn’t detect my Oculus Rift or something because it’s not divided into 2 screens. I opened up another demo and that demo worked fine so its something with this particular game. Any suggestions?

  • dsmiggs

    Any word on v3? I’m worried I will ware my xbox pad out on v2 😛

  • finley

    were is it??????????????????? (0.03)

  • tanntabo

    the sound of the wind in this game is awesome

  • Raoul


  • yaglourt

    please Martij, bring us our flying daily bread for our Rift 🙂

  • yaglourt

    (Hey btw Martij I got a wii fit working in Unity, very easy with WiiBalanceWalker !)

  • Sean Jefferies

    hows the Linux version coming?

  • Frank Burns

    please better controls, not many people have controlers.

  • poke50uk


    I’m just wondering about the release of Volo Airsport Oculas version..

    So the download is on 0.02, but you’re working on V3?

    1st – I can’t really tell what the latest version is on your site
    2nd – Is there a V2 then when you purchase?
    3rd – Do you have a rough ETA on the OcR version?

    Thanks : )

  • Stephen Doughty

    is this Free?

  • Me

    only played a few minutes of it so far but it looks awesome! Can i get a first person view without oculus because i say the rift video and it looks great i cant stand the third person. Thanks 🙂

  • Thigao

    link off

  • sebastien mevellec

    Jet pack mode!please add this I beg of you

  • Grigor Todorov

    Windmill field would be quite extreme to fly through 🙂

  • Yayforfood


  • zade tuaima

    It’s really annoying because i get two screens when i play D:
    Any help???

  • zade tuaima

    I don’t get it,How come you can purchase it but it’s free?

  • Nathan mow

    Hey why is there no shadow in version 0.2? Its awesome to see a shadow of your self when flying 🙂

  • poopie


  • poopie


  • poopie

    poooooooooooooooooooop is in dutch poep

  • Varun Lakshmanan

    Is there a way to play this with a keyboard?
    *For those poor souls (like myself) without an Xbox 360 gamepad for PC

  • bmxracer23

    It seems that I am unable to change the controls in the Unity launcher, so this game is a dead dud for me unfortunately. I guess this was just a big disappointment for me, pointless to me, it is a useless game to most.

  • danny mcherbenjagerjansen

    mate ur cool gonna try it right now 😀

  • FreakonFlight

    Please have a keyboard using WASD and mouse!!

  • FreakonFlight

    It it weird that the blue man as no shadows??


  • MegaKronBR

    I miss the way for keyboard or joystick ps3 because I just got a ps3

  • Pirate

    Q porra de controles meua migo

  • Joao Theodoro


    • I’m working on it, I really am. Feel free to come by the page, where you can see that I’m now tweaking the new design using keyboard controls.

      Out of curiousity, answer me this: Do you feel I owe you anything?

      I *want* to give you keyboard controls, I really do. You *want* keyboard controls, you really do. But I do not *owe* you keyboard controls, I really don’t. You don’t have to raise your voice, I can hear you just fine. 🙂

      Fly safe!

  • WingsuitEnthusiast

    This game is sooo awesome. You absolutely nailed the physics, it’s so accurate to real wingsuiting (as far as a video game can be). I can’t wait to see this game develop further, keep up the great work!!

  • faggot

    its onlyXbox 360 controls?

  • Andrey Savin

    Ахуенная игра

  • Peter Sandquist

    Awesome! If you only had jetpack mode too