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Volo Airsport v3.2 Released

Download Volo Airsport v3.2

As usual, download the update through your personal Humble Store library page (after logging in), or by following the original download link you received when you purchased the game. Don’t have your key anymore? Use the Humble Key Resender.

What’s New

(I’d have a featurette video ready to show you what’s new, but Humble surprised me and pushed the update a mere hour after I sent it to them. Err, expect the video later this week!)

What do you do when you love a game very much? You put a ring on it. Or you know, several!


Time Trial courses are now dotted throughout the landscape. Some are easily found, others take a bit of work to find and actually start. Fly through a starting ring and the full course will reveal itself. Finish the course successfully and you’ll see your completion time.

We’ve designed courses for beginners, experienced pilots, and straight up masochists. There’s something for everyone. (Although, Terminal Ferocity is really just for me. Really, don’t even try, I warned you!)

These courses are the first type of event that you’ll be able to design yourself soon. Making these courses is a bunch of fun, and sharing them with friends to see who’s The Ultimate Wing King (yes, that’s what it’s called, honest) is even more so.

Other than that, we now have motion blur, the option to add spin to your exits by holding pitch or roll as you press respawn, and a whole bunch of fixes and improvements.

Oh, and we also built in handy update notifications that pop up as soon as a new version of the game is available for download. This means you won’t have to keep refreshing the main website every day to stay up-to-date. 🙂

For a full list of changes, see the Volo Airsport Change List.

Enjoy, and discuss v3.2 on the Forums!