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What’s Happening 2

You can play Volo Airsport right now! Get it through our own website, the Humble Store, or Steam.

What’s Happening

This week we continued work on the Great Big Architecture Overhaul mentioned last time, and worked with Michael to choose audio technology. Last week I explained in some detail what the architecture work entails, so this post will mostly be about audio.

Other than that I spent an abnormal amount of time fighting with hardware faults, plugin problems and Windows annoyances. Yay, computers!

Right, welcome to What’s Happening, episode 2!

(Had a nasty headache over the weekend so this post is a bit late, hope you don’t mind!)

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What’s Happening 1

You can play Volo Airsport right now! Get it through our own website, the Humble Store, or Steam.

What’s Happening

We’re in Early Access now, and part of doing early access well is clearly communicating the state of development. If we don’t show you what we’re working on (and why), it might very well seem like nothing is happening!

To date we have been pretty bad at this; it doesn’t come naturally to us. Well, not yet anyway. As developers it is ever so tempting for us to just work on the game and release a new build when it’s ready, leaving you none the wiser.

Let’s fix that! We should at least be able to do a weekly post summarizing our activities, right? Even if it’s just a single sentence reading “nope, still didn’t get to do parachutes this week“, that’s more information than nothing at all.

With that said, welcome to the first edition of What’s Happening. Lots has been happening after the release of v3.3, most of which was entirely parallel to work on v3.4.

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Volo Airsport v3.4 Released

Play Volo Airsport right now, get it through our website, the Humble Store, or Steam.

See the Volo Airsport User Manual for instructions on downloading new updates.

New Release

Today we’re releasing Volo Airsport v3.4, featuring the new Course Editor! With it, you can create your own time trials, exactly like the ones we introduced in v3.3. You can read all about it in the last Beta Feature post, or you can check out this featurette video:

The course editor, like the game itself, is in early stages. Right now you can only place rings with it, and while sharing courses with your friends is possible, we really need a proper platform like the Steam Workshop for this. Still, it’s a good first step, and our testers have already shared bunch of splendid courses on the forums.

Thanks to everyone who helped test this feature! It’s the first time we did a testing round like this, and you’ve helped us find and fix a whole bunch of problems that would have taken us much longer to catch on our own.

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