Goodbye, Volo

Hello Pilots,

For the past six years, Volo Airsport has been our lives. We’ve thought about it long into the night when we should’ve been sleeping, worked on it weekends and holidays… We love this game, and still find ourselves amazed by the number of players who have come to love it as well.

When we released Volo Airsport on Steam Early Access in late 2014, we intended for its development to be a journey – and it certainly has been. We added features that allowed you to choose the way you fly, whether in our signature wingsuit, or the new, customizable parachute. We improved the game’s graphics and upgraded the engine several times over, adding day/night cycles, a weather system, and more. We started a semi-weekly show to catalogue improvements made, future plans, and discuss our approach to game development. And all the while, we were able to rely on you – our community – to guide and support us. Whether you ‘liked’ one of our videos, covered the game, or simply took the time to play it, we can’t thank you enough for your support of Volo Airsport, and our team.

As we’ve continued to try bringing Volo Airsport to a point of completion, we’ve begun to hit one roadblock after another. Right now, we’re a team of three, and we simply can’t continue to work on this project we love so much with the revenue it currently generates. We’ve run out of money, and with it, the time we hoped we might have to bring this project to a fitting conclusion.

As of today, development of Volo Airsport is on a permanent hiatus. Today’s new branch containing the seeds of the next steps we hoped to take with the game is the last addition Volo Airsport will see.

We thank you wholeheartedly for your support, encouragement, and feedback over the course of Volo’s development. We’ve built a game that we’re still quite proud of, and we couldn’t have done any of it without you. We also hope to see you again in our next journey – whatever that might be.

Goodbye, Pilots.

Ramjet Anvil

  • Thanks for allowing us to participate in your journey. It’s been lovely. I wish you all the best with future endeavors and think that you’ve done good work here.

  • Steve Smuts

    OK now wait. How much do you need to be able to finish it? Surely donations would help?

  • Tom Blankenship

    such a high potential game. now i will never experience a multiplayer wingsuit race 🙁
    or a hike and fly option. please make a multiplayer mode! 🙂 How much money do you need?

    • To finish it properly we would need quite a bunch. More the scale of a kickstarter than a couple of individual donations. We invested some 5 months on multiplayer before we realised it would take yet more time to even get a solid proof of concept, which is when we switched to parachute development. I appreciate the sentiment, and I still share your enthusiasm over the possibly great multiplayer sports game that could be, but it doesn’t seem feasible at the moment.

      That said, never say never.

  • Sebastian Baars

    Is there a possibility that you would start a kickstarter or even possibly make the game open source so we as the community could finish the game.

  • Zach

    I realize it’s unfortunate that you didn’t get to bring this game to it’s ultimate form. But from one of the very early versions, Volo has given me the sensation of flying unlike anything else. And that is an exceptional success. You’ve created something that I can forever jump into and feel a special kind of freedom. So, well done. And thank you.