Monthly Archives: February 2017

Ramjet Anvil Show Ep. 12: v3.7 Beta 3

This episode we show off Pilot’s new canopy controlling skills introduced in beta 3, and we tackle comments on last week’s episode!

00:59 DaGhost141: Will tracking jumps be a feature?
03:23 DaGhost141: Can we control speedscaling?
04:56 Parachute-powered backflip fun
08:39 Skyfread: Can we get that slowmotion?
11:58 Beta 3 Discussion Starts
17:53 Dealing with surging wings
21:19 A list of squashed issues
24:13 Beta installation instructions

Ramjet Anvil Show Ep. 11: Can we remove the leg?

While we’re polish up v3.7 we thought we’d mess around with the game while it runs in the editor, leading to very important questions like: What happens if you remove the left leg?

00:52 Jet Fighters and automatic control systems
02:23 Flying without wings, tracking jumps
06:56 What happens if you turn off assists?
09:26 What happens if you turn off ALL stabilization?
11:30 Toribash
12:23 What happens if we remove… the left leg?
14:39 What happens if we remove its butt
15:30 Windtunnel testing
19:07 Tree collision