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v3.1 Release & Greenlight News

Volo Airsport has been Greenlighted

First of all, great news! Volo Airsport has been Greenlit and will launch on Steam soon! If you voted for us during the campaign, thank you very much!

All existing customers will get Steam keys when the game goes live in the Steam store, and we’ll let you know when that happens.

v3.1 Is Now Available

This version is mostly there to patch some important bugs found in the original release, but we’ve also added a small number of features. Front flips! Back flips! Basejump exit points!

Download this release through your personal Humble Store library page

Full change list here, and I talk about it all in-depth in the above video.

The Aurora Wager V4 (And What’s Next?)

Download The Aurora Wager V4



  • Split-screen multiplayer support (just technically though, no real gameplay changes yet)
  • In-game graphics and input configuration screens
  • Overhauled wind field system (smoother, more variation, some interesting anomalies, less prone to crashing the physics engine)
  • Overhauled wind graphics (More particles, longer trails, wider range, optimized performance)
  • Linux version now comes with both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries

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Site Update

I finally updated the site to the latest, fixed version of WordPress. Welcome back to hyperlinks and media embeds! I also organized the header so downloads for both Aurora and Volo are now easier to find. Those download pages will always point to the files you need.

Below all posts you will now find that Disqus is used to handle all our discourse. If you’re wondering where all the old comments have gone: They’re still here, just hidden. I’ll try and import them into Disqus in the next week.

I’ve set up a Feedback and Feature Request Page using Uservoice. I’m using their free plan just to see if I like it, and it only supports The Aurora Wager right now. The idea is that you can submit ideas for both games, or vote on existing ones. Popular ideas bubble to the top, and if we like an idea enough we can commit to putting it into the game. Keep in mind that this is just an experiment for now, but if you have some feedback for us please take a look there! It also has a knowledge base on which I posted a guide on reporting crashes and bugs)

An avid Aurora Wager player called Sam created a Wikia page for The Aurora Wager, check it out!

In typical Tinus fashion The Aurora Wager V4 took longer to create than promised, but it’s pretty much done. Some highlights:

  • Split-screen multiplayer support (just technically though, no real gameplay changes yet)
  • In-game graphics and control configuration screens
  • Improved wind field system (more variation, anomalies, less prone to crashing)
  • Improved wind graphics (More, longer trails, optimized performance)
  • Fixes to grappling hook physics
  • Flag now rotates with wind direction
  • Fuel amount per canister cut in half

Look for it this week! (Yes, definitely.)

After V4 is out I’m back on Volo Airsport for a bit. It needs love, and I have love to give.

Oculus Rift

I received my Rift developer kit this weekend! I’ve played around with it a bit, and have started adapting the code for integration into Volo and Aurora. First impressions: moments of intense wonder mixed with moments of intense seasickness. I’m excited, but there’s lots and lots of caveats. More detailed post coming next week!

7DRL – The Aurora Wager

The Aurora Wager is a game created for the 7 Day Rogue Like event.

The Aurora Wager

The game is about you (Jebe) and your buddy (Frits), your arch nemesis (Frederik), and your wager to make it to the North Pole first. By hot air balloon, naturally!

We had to cut a boatload of features to get the download up in time, but we think this is the most minimal version of the game that’s fun to play.

We were inspired by lots of things! The biggest and most direct influences are:

– Roguelikes!
– Proteus
– Kerbal Space Program
– Dear Esther
– Last Exile
– Steamboy
– Minecraft
– Music we played (Kettel, Emeralds, Ochre, Biosphere, Deru, more)

Download the Game & Soundtrack

Please consider purchasing and or donating to Volo Airsport (our other game) to support development of both titles. Thanks, and enjoy!


Use: Left Mouse Button
Pick up: Right Mouse Button
Jump: Space
Sprint: Left Shift
Cancel: Right Mouse Button

Grappling hook can reel in items (or the ship) by pressing the pickup button once latched.

(We know the controls are a bit confusing at the moment (when to press use or pickup) and are working on it. Also, we’re adding a sprint button.)


Robin Vink: Design, 3D Modeling, Texturing
Martijn Zandvliet: Design, Programming, Terrain Creation
Michael Manning: Sound Design, Music

Enjoy! And let us know what you think. 🙂