Volo Airsport Change Log

To get the latest release, go to your Humble Store library and download the game from there again. The filename should reflect the newest version number. Playing through Steam? Then just let it download the update automatically.

Volo Airsport v3.6


  • Entirely new grass system: much more impressive graphics and performance
  • Better colors and improved contrast
  • Massively improved shadows
  • Flight model tweaks
  • Roll and stall limiters making the game easier on beginners (configurable)
  • Smoother camera behavior
  • Oculus Rift v1.3 support
  • New GUI system
  • Linux 32-bit support



  • Xbox controllers on Windows now use XInput instead of Unity’s input system.
  • Remapping should now detect the controller type and show things like ‘Left Stick Up’ instead of ‘Joystick Analog: 1’


Volo Airsport v3.5 (16 July 2015)


  • Engine upgrade to Unity 5 (new shading solution, graphics optimizations, etc.)
  • Completely new terrain graphics
  • Season, weather, and day-night cycles that are completely tweak-able to your own liking
  • All kinds of new sound effects by Micheal Manning
  • A new logo designed by Moldybyrd Studio
  • An introduction screen
  • Linux 64-bit version added


  • Missing a ring during a course does no longer stop you from finishing it

Volo Airsport v3.4 (28 January 2015)


  • Added a Course Editor tool that allows players to create and share their own time trial courses.


  • Added Credits screen to the options menu
  • Game will now always check for a joystick even if the notification is already gone


  • Possibly fixed an issue where the game would crash due to a bug in the sound mixer.

Volo Airsport v3.3 (5 December 2014)


  • Flight Model Mk. II
    • Significant change in lift and drag relationships, resulting in larger range of flying speeds and better stability
    • Wing flex (aerodynamic force pull wings up and down to better reflect real-world behavior, resulting in better stability)
    • Better down-pitching behavior
    • Soft stall-prevention (to push into a stall you have to really mean it)
    • Lower overall muscle strength
    • Less turbulence
  • Trajectory Visualizer (helps you anticipate your lines ahead of time)
  • Heads-up Display with Speed, Altitude and Glide Ratio information
  • Aerodynamics Visualizer (for the geeks)


  • Time trial courses have been changed to better fit new flight model
  • Time trials can now be turned off
  • Time trial gate collision can be turned off
  • Time trial ring geometry is now smaller, rounded
  • Improved Mouse & Keyboard control schemes
  • Third person camera is a bit more dynamic
  • Steam version offers multiple Beta branches that you can opt-in to
    • none (this is the default stable release)
    • oculus (this is the v3.2 release with Oculus Rift support)
    • test (bleeding edge development builds, released for testing, potentially unstable)
    • To select a branch: right click game in library -> properties -> betas


  • Overal performance improved, now back at v3.0 level
  • Fullscreen mode is now truly fullscreen, not a fullscreen window (this should improve performance on some systems)
  • Fixed small lag spike when starting a trial
  • Trial “Terminal Ferocity” ring order fixed, can now actually be completed
  • Notification list aspect ratio is no longer off

Known Issues

  • No Oculus Rift support in the release, as the Oculus SDK failed to work. Fix soon, hopefully.
    • If you want to play with the Rift, keep the old v3.2 release, or switch to the Oculus Rift branch on Steam

Volo Airsport v3.2 (15 October 2014)


  • Time Trials
    • Look for rings dotted throughout the landscape, there are many to find!
    • Fly through a ring to start a trial. Fly through all its rings, and when you’re finished you’ll see your completion time.
  • Added a Motion Blur effect
  • Added new version notifications. The game will tell you about newly released versions when it starts.
  • You can add spin to your starts by holding down pitch or roll when you press respawn (a bit cumbersome, but it works)


  • Improved mouse controls. Large inputs are now buffered until you steer the other way, making it easier to do large turns.
  • Screenshake effect intensity is now configurable
  • 3rd Person Camera is now much less prone to glitching out
  • 3rd person Look Behind feature now works properly
  • Stronger friction between player skin and ground
  • Camera transition in Oculus Mode is now a comfortable fade-to-black, not a sickening warp
  • Default speed scaling effect is now better balanced, should make the character respond more evenly across different speeds.
  • Manual is now available on the forums
  • Updated documentation on using PS3 and PS4 controllers
  • “Set Controller Defaults” is now more accurately named “Set Xbox 360 Defaults”


  • Fixed Atmospheric Scattering effect not adapting to Field of View setting
  • Fixed cannonball move damaging your legs
  • Fixed game not working properly with multiple controllers attached (and some other controller detection issues)
    • You now need to press a button on the controller you want to use each time you play. The game tells you this.
  • You can no longer crash into invisible trees. Tree visibility now has a minimum of 100 meters.
  • Fixed most jarring instances of spikes/teeth in terrain geometry
  • Fixed lots of performance issues (especially in menus, and with large amounts of trees visible)

Volo Airsport v3.1 (16 September 2014)


  • Front and back flips (use the ‘cannonball’ action, replaced closing of leg wing)
  • Added extra spawn points at new base exit points
  • Added two new camera perspectives
  • Screenshot mode (unfinished, gamepad only)


  • Added input sensitivity options
  • Default sensitivity values are a lot lower, for smoother gameplay
  • Pitch heading is trimmed slightly more down, causing a steeper default glide


  • Updated to Oculus SDK 0.4.2 Beta, which fixed some judder issues
  • Fixed black screen issue on AMD cards in Oculus Rift Mode
  • Black terrain issue on Macs with Intel Integrated Graphics chips is fixed
    • Comes at a slight performance cost (HD4000 is the absolute lowest supported)
    • A better fix is possible, but will take some more time
    • Oculus Mode will not work on these chips at this time
  • Partial fix for some controllers not being registered by the game

Volo Airsport v3.0 (3 September 2014)

  • Revamped flight model
  • A huge landscape inspired by the Swiss and French Alps, with lots of lines to try
  • Multiple camera perspectives (including first-person view)
  • Highly configurable graphics and input settings
  • Oculus Rift support (currently experimental)
  • Sweet, keep the changes coming!

  • Mr_Aaron

    Great! Will you have a marker showing the current V3 sensitivity? For me it’s perfect, but agree the slight pitch down will be a good tweak. BTW I’ve been playing this game for like 23 hours over a couple of nights, it’s only one level and one flight type but damn I can’t get enough of that rush when you make a sharp turn over the big cliffs at the end of the course! Such a great “game” is it even a game?

    • Thanks! Call it whatever you want, as long as you’re enjoying it. 🙂

      It’ll be easy enough to restore v3 sensitivity if you want it in v3.1. The included manual will tell you what values to use. I myself am actually quite happy with the lower default sensitivity though! My flights have improved considerably with it.

  • Marc Andrew Lehman

    Wow what an awesome surprise to find this update after going through and cleaning out old bookmarks. I’m so glad to see you’re still working on this.

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  • Shannon Peterson

    Epic game though I must say having some more canyons and holes in the side of the mountains to fly through would be supreme, even some ‘quidditch’ style hoops! Loving everything so far though thank you guys.

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