• Murcuseo

    Did you manage into the AirRebels office yet, I’m looking forward to seeing the crews reaction to the game 🙂

    Are the Contrails a feature that will remain in the game permanently?

    Looking forward to some more ‘stuff’, great work dude!

  • Mihawkler

    LOVE IT!

  • @Murcuseo: Yep, I went there last week. We didn’t do playtesting in the end, but each of the guys working on the same floor got some gametime; we also did a lot of talking. 🙂 Jarno shot plenty of footage of people playing, which he’ll edit and put only as soon as he’s back from his holiday.

    @Mihawker: Thanks 8)

  • Chickenwaffle

    Omg, this looks so fun! I really want to play this!

  • My partner and i has been looking for that in just about all internet, thank you!