Aircraft Design

This is work in progress, but she’s airbourne now.

To aid wingman in moving around the world I’m adding vehicles. Having controllable airplanes to skydive from is a feature I really wanted to add, and besides: you don’t want to walk everywhere do you?

I’m creating a modular set of mechanical parts and aerodynamic tools with which vehicles can be created. I’m keeping them all the components quite simple so that it it’s a snap to create a new airplane.

Once that’s done I’m getting my feet wet in networking this stuff so it can be enjoyed over multiplayer. Then the wingsuit goes back in.

Let me know what you think!

  • Garrett

    I think it makes for a neat way to get to specific spots on the map. Way better than just having a bunch of predefined spawn points.

  • Adding vehicles is an excellent idea. Hopefully you’re thinking of adding in choppers as a way to get to exit points. Watching people being dropped off at the Eiger Mushroom is amazing and I’d love to see something like that added in game.

    Only experienced pilots would be able to get to the more difficult exit points.

    Keep up the great work. I’m glad you decided to work on Volo again.

  • Jeff

    This is top-class, man! My greatest and most sincere compliments!

  • matt

    dude, been watching this project checking up on your blog for years now… cool to read that you’re back at it. There’s something about the scope and scale of the terrain in your game that isn’t seen in any flight based sims. I’d take that humbling sense of scale over polished textures and shadows any day of the week. keep up the good work! look forward to “throwing my money at the screen” someday!~