Technical: Split Screen Audio

As I mentioned last time I’ve been creating a plugin for split-screen audio in Unity. I can demonstrate the basics now, so here’s a video:

The plugin will be sold on the Unity Asset Store once finished, so if you’re interested in testing it or using it for your own games let me know!


I uploaded simple a webplayer demonstration for you to check out:

The Beta package is now ready for testing. Again, if you want to participate, contact me through email, or post in the Unity forum thread:

  • olivattaque

    Erf I was hoping a technical post more about Volo like Volo Modding or something.
    Good job anyway !

    • Me too actually! But I have to get this stuff out of the way first, otherwise there’s not much of a game to mod. 😉 Thanks for sticking around man.

    • Samuel

      Well, this was need for Volo split screen! It’s a step and I am glad there is some progress!

  • sdhgdskhg

    The ability to somehow import your own WM terrains would be great. Especially since WM is pretty easy to use and has a free demo I can see more than a few trying it out if it worked, even if it’s just the raw untextured mesh.

    • I’m hoping I can let everyone use the free version of the Unity editor to create new levels for the game. I use WM myself and created some tools for Unity import. I have to nail the terrain shading solution first (whether to use spat, detail, color, normal, light maps, etc.), but usermade levels should happen.

      • sdhgdskhg

        Cool beans
        As a WM user I recognized the tell-tale sings of it in your terrains :P. I was going to say something about WM’s “coverage” macros but when looking at how to get it into Unity I came across this:
        So, yeah. You know more about it than I do.

  • Simon

    Interesting but still not what I was waiting for … keyboard control !!! Maybe it’s not your objective yet, but I personnaly know you will get a much larger public with a game that can be control by keyboard.

    • Samuel

      How the game works, I don’t see it playing so well with a keyboard.

      You really need the precise movements of some analog sticks

  • Max Deppe

    Any idea where I can get the Split Screen thingy? not for the audio, just the spiltscreen.