Terrain Preview

I worked terrain today, and I’m finally starting to get the hang of this new World Machine + Relief Terrain combo. Here are some intermediate results:


(Update 22:30 GMT+1 – Fixed links to full size images)

  • Hodei Lopez

    Whoa! Looking WAAAY better than before! Congrats!

  • Dan

    Ya looks very nice :}

  • Marcel Klinkel

    terrain looks waaaay better ! can´t wait for a new release !

  • AirSKiller

    Wow, amazing! 😮 I would love to see this became a full game :s I love it… Played the Alpha 0.01 when it came out!!

  • Ninjas

    I like GeoControl2 a lot better than World Machine — it’s a lot clunkier, but faster, with better results once you get past it’s quirks, Super excited to hear this game is back in development!