Beta Feature: Course Editor

(As part of our development process we release test versions of the game. These are bleeding-edge builds that we can update and distribute much faster. You can opt in to these versions to see what we’re working on, help us find bugs, and give us feedback on design choices before big official releases. Interested? Check the manual for details.)

Today we’re pushing the first beta feature to the test branch: The Course Editor.

Course Editor Beta UI

This first version of the course editor does exactly what it says on the tin: It lets you design and share time trial courses. You can load it up at any time during play, create as many courses as you like, and share them with your friends.

Frank has been working on this baby for a while now. It’s rough around the edges (like the rest of the game, really), but at this point we’re really curious what you think of it.

If you’d try it out, check out the detailed post in the Beta Forum Section. And while you’re there, be sure to give us some feedback on it!