Volo Airsport v3.4 Released

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See the Volo Airsport User Manual for instructions on downloading new updates.

New Release

Today we’re releasing Volo Airsport v3.4, featuring the new Course Editor! With it, you can create your own time trials, exactly like the ones we introduced in v3.3. You can read all about it in the last Beta Feature post, or you can check out this featurette video:

The course editor, like the game itself, is in early stages. Right now you can only place rings with it, and while sharing courses with your friends is possible, we really need a proper platform like the Steam Workshop for this. Still, it’s a good first step, and our testers have already shared bunch of splendid courses on the forums.

Thanks to everyone who helped test this feature! It’s the first time we did a testing round like this, and you’ve helped us find and fix a whole bunch of problems that would have taken us much longer to catch on our own.

Oculus Rift

We’re also published a new build to the Oculus branch on Steam. It is a slightly stripped down version of v3.4, but it’s miles better than the previous v3.2 based build.

This build now uses DirectToRift mode exclusively on Windows, which requires a different way of launching the game. For details on where to get it and how to run it, see the manual.

I did a talk at a recent Dutch VR Meetup, of which you can see the slides. It has some details on what it’s been like developing for the Rift and attempting official support for it. The good and the bad, really.

What’s Next

We’re doing very important background work. We have a tonne of features lined up, but we need to make sure the game’s architecture lets us add them without trouble. An in-depth blog post on this process is coming up, but here’s a quick summary of our immediate focus:

  • Framework maintenance
  • User Generated Content (mods)
  • Online Multiplayer

Why now? We’ve worked on features and fixes since the initial v3.0 release last September, and from that we’ve learned what was easy to do and where we encountered significant friction. It’s hard to anticipate exactly the kind of framework you need for a game beforehand, but with this experience we’re now much more sure of what we need.

Blue skies!

  • Olivier

    Hi ! Any news for a linux version please ? A very early purchaser

    • It looks like the most important problems (shader and plugin compatibility) have been sorted and we can roll out a version of v3.4 for Linux soon. We need to go through a round of testing first, which we’ll do through Steam.

      News on this very soon!

      • Olivier

        Ok cool thanks for your reply, I’ll can test it through steam, can’t wait to play again with the new features on linux 🙂

    • Fred

      This game is very much based on the famous Tux Racer (http://tuxracer.sourceforge.net/). It would be great to have Tux in a wingsuit soon! Collecting fish won’t be necessary…