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Volo – Introduction

Volo is a work-in-progress game about winguit flight. The word Volo means ‘I Fly’ in latin, which I’ve found to be a good working title.

Anyway, never seen or heard of a wingsuit? Then check out these videos:

Basically, a wingsuit allows you to glide graciously (read: shoot recklessly) through the air and cover considerable horizontal distance.  Better than falling straight down, no?

When wingsuits first entered the scene people used them to quickly move as far away from any obstacles as they could. Today though, thrill-seekers are attempting to hug mountains as close as they can. This discipline is called proximity flying, and it is currently the first focus of the game.

So far there have been few attempts to digitise base jumping and wingsuit flight. For me, the results either come short in an aesthetic sense (look and feel) or a severe lack of realism and depth. With this project I aim to make a sizeable step forward.

On this blog I will detail the design and development of the game and its technology. Stay tuned for updates!