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The Aurora Wager (and Volo) got features on Rock Paper Shotgun by Craig Pearson, check it out!

I got contacted by Alan of Oculus Hut. He inquired about my plans for supporting the Oculus Rift head mounted display, and whether I had experimented with the Razer Hydra motion controller. I totally do, and I totally did! (See our Armed & Dangerous prototype)

I ordered the Rift on the first day the Kickstarter launched, so I should be getting my development kit real soon. I’m really excited to bring it into Volo and Aurora and see what happens.

Alan kindly offered to list The Aurora Wager on his website, take a look!


I’ve pretty much finished the split screen audio and input configuration plugins. Finally! I’m bringing them into Aurora for a trial by fire, and Volo follows immediately after that. Once that’s done it’s back to making features. Sweet, sweet features.

I’ve also started experimenting with procedural terrain generation, and am really excited about the prospects. I had already have a ‘huge-world’ streaming system for Aurora, but with only a small selection of islands it gets kind repetitive after a while. Doing terrain procedurally will hopefully allow much more variation while keeping download sizes small.

  • Simon

    So can’t we expect the next playable version of volo ?!

  • Tyler

    Can’t wait for the Volo update!

  • irratio

    hooray! its nice to hear that maybe some day we can play volo with an oculus rift.


    • Nic

      holy fuck oculus rift=heart attack/thrill!! πŸ˜€

  • Joel Sweeney

    You need more video options, i suffer from pretty bad lag so i have to run on 640-480 res and lowest detail πŸ™
    please find a way to optimise the game, or add an options menu with many features.