• Nic

    I was really happy/surprised when i saw this in my subscriptions box! 😀 I told him to play volo airsport too. i hope he does.

  • Chris

    I found out about this game through NerdCubed, and I have to say I love it! I would really like it to have an in-game music and volume control though, but apart from that I just hope it gets more popular 🙂

  • Jacob

    we need to get this game on steam

    • We’re considering Greenlight for when we’re done with some additional essential features. 🙂

  • Sam

    Can I make a small wiki about this game?

    • Most certainly! Let me know if when when you do set one up. 🙂

      • Sam

        I have just started the wiki, its not anywhere near finished but I though you should know. http://theaurorawager.wikia.com/ feel free to add a account and I can promote you.

        • admin

          Thank you Sam! I’ll link to it in the next blog post.

  • DerDuden

    This game is freaking amazing =)

  • Ross

    Will their be any way to save your progress or will you always have to restart when you close the game down?

  • Jake

    wow! Dan is soo cool! I love the game, but a guide would be nice! I cannot believe it was made in 7 days, and I hope it NEVER requires wifi! Keep being great developers!

  • Tyler

    I, too was sent here by Dan. Thanks for making a great game!

  • Mavi

    The windows link to dropbox is the link to linux version 🙂 .. if you want to download it thru dropbox just change “linux” in the link to “win”.

  • Logurt

    I LOVE THIS GAME! I suck at it but I have loved playing it so far, would really like to have a multiplayer for company on the long flights though, and the extra eyes wouldn’t hurt. If you can get that this game would be greater that it already is!

  • Tyler

    Will there be a Volo update soon?