While You Wait, Try Some Oculus

Since I keep finding more and more excuses to delay, I thought I should at least share the Oculus Rift build I’ve been showing at some public events. If you have a Rift devkit, do try it and let me know how it works for you!


Volo Oculus Dev 003 Windows
Volo Oculus Dev 003 Mac

These builds are running on old code, so both still require an Xbox 360 gamepad to play (with the mac version configured for the Tattie Bogle drivers). The windows version is superior at the moment (triggers don’t work on mac yet), so I recommend you go with that one.


  • Start – Pause
  • Back – Respawn
  • Left Thumb Stick – Pitch/Roll
  • Triggers – Yaw
  • ABXY – Close arm and/or leg wings
  • Right Thumb Stick – Rotate camera
  • Right Thumb Stick (Click) – Change camera perspective
  • Right Button – Center Oculus Rift heading (I’m using a modified version of the SDK, and I haven’t integrated support for magnetic drift correction yet.)

Known Issues

  • All the issues from 0.02
  • Skybox doesn’t render correctly (double vision)
  • Tree LODs have strange angles to them when viewed from above.


August has some gamejams (7DFPS, VRJam) going on, and I’ll be participating in at least one of them. The Aurora Wager was a great success, so I’m curious to see what we’ll come up with this time. 🙂

  • Nic Ryan

    cool! To bad i don’t have an oculus rift though ;-; when are you planning on releasing the next update? 🙂 thanks and great work!

  • Patrick Hogenboom

    Plays great! Difficult but great!
    No barfs yet, only hard part was the swing-by of the camera after you crash.

    btw, is there any way to end this game with something other than a crash ?

    • m_zandvliet

      Not yet, happy crashing! 🙂

  • yog

    a serious contestant !
    maybe it’s time to focus on Volo again …

    • m_zandvliet

      TO BATTLE!

      (I know those guys, they’re cool. I think there’s room for more of these games, but you’re right in that I need to start kicking ass again.)

  • Tore Sinding Bekkedal

    I’d be really grateful if you’d release a version of this which does not require the Xbox controller… Maybe even Hydra support?

  • Marc Andrew Lehman

    Just tried it out. Pretty fun. I had some odd flickering issue (lots of green and red flickers). It was running on a new machine so it could have been something wrong with the graphics card or something.

    • m_zandvliet

      Could you tell me what system you’re running on? Hardware, operating system, that kind of thing? Can you make a screenshot? 🙂

      • Marc Andrew Lehman

        Certainly, I’m going to test another unity app to see if it is perhaps a compatibility issue with the graphics driver/card. It’s a work machine, though so It’ll have to wait until lunch.

  • Guest

    Are you serious… I was trying to hold out

    • m_zandvliet

      So sorry! 😉

  • Rob-J

    Hi!, Iv been playing with this for a few days now. Its fantastic, thanks for putting it out there. I think its a great concept. I have made “lines” i learn to fly down. So i skim the ground. I was delighted to see its possible to fly between the supports of the buildings!. I found two buildings so far?, is there just the two?. If you added arches to some old ruins to fly though that would be great!!!. Control are easily mastered within half an hour for me personally. Really really liked this, Well done!! more!!!

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