v3.1 Release & Greenlight News

Volo Airsport has been Greenlighted

First of all, great news! Volo Airsport has been Greenlit and will launch on Steam soon! If you voted for us during the campaign, thank you very much!

All existing customers will get Steam keys when the game goes live in the Steam store, and we’ll let you know when that happens.

v3.1 Is Now Available

This version is mostly there to patch some important bugs found in the original release, but we’ve also added a small number of features. Front flips! Back flips! Basejump exit points!

Download this release through your personal Humble Store library page

Full change list here, and I talk about it all in-depth in the above video.

  • velox neb

    Hey Martijn. Is it intended that the borders of the map (which look very inviting, so I flew over to take a look!) provide so much lift and wind that you can float indefinitely? 😀

    • That’s entirely intentional, yes. See it as a preview of the way we want to start playing with the wind system more.

      • velox neb

        Excellent. I was actually just thinking it’d be a great effect to be able to place turbines in strategic places that would cause just that. Looking forward to the building tools!

  • Marc Andrew Lehman

    looks great! I love the idea of being able to create your own poses to try out. I can imagine just clicking and dragging around his limbs like a puppet.