Alpha 0.02 Release – Improvements and Mac Support

Here’s a quick update to yesterday’s release.

Download Volo Airsport Alpha 0.02 Win

Download Volo Airsport Alpha 0.02 Mac

Changes for 0.02

  • Mac version released
  • Lowered Joint Iteration Count for player ragdoll to increase performance at the cost of slight loss of joint stability
  • Created a lower-resolution terrain to increase performance

Let me know what you guys think! Specifically, I want to know if this increases performance for anyone.

Happy flying!


Useful info from the previous post:


The game can be played with an Xbox 360 pad. For other controllers you’ll have to remap the configuration in the launcher window. Here’s the controls:

Back:               Reset/Respawn
Start:               Pause
Left stick:         Pitch/Roll
Right stick:      Camera
Triggers:          Yaw
A:                     Close Leg wing
B:                     Close Right Arm Wing
X:                     Close Left Arm Wing
Y:                     Close Both Arm Wings

The first times you play you’ll find yourself tumbling down and crashing. This is perfectly normal. The control scheme is complex and gives you a lot of control; but it expects a lot of finesse.

Some tips:

  • A gentle touch is key
  • Pull back on the pitch control slightly maintain an even glide angle
  • Banking turns usually require simultaneous use of the pitch, roll and yaw controls to find the right balance
  • Close wings temporarily for fast manoeuvring
  • Crashing lots is fine

Please send me any feedback you have. Feel free to share the game with friends. And if you think you’ve gotten the hang of it, record your runs and share ’em on Youtube! I’m really curious to see what kind of lines you can pull off.

— Updates —


By popular demand I’ve set up a quick Donation page. If you donate $15 or more you are entitled to all future releases of the game!


Controls Configuration

Some folks are having trouble setting up their own gamepads and joysticks. The most common problem is that Unity’s button numbers start from 0, not from 1. So your joystick’s button 3 should be entered as button 2 in the configuration panel. Future versions of the game will have an in-game configuration screen for all this.

Playstation 3 Controller users can use MotionInJoy to map their controls to the game.


Performance on older or lower-end systems can be bad. If you experience framedrop, shakey bodyparts or stuttering camera motion you are most likely affected by performance problems. Don’t fret about having to upgrade your system just yet! I have lots of optimizing to do, and future versions of the game will likely run both faster and prettier.

Mac & Linux Support

Mac and Linux (ubuntu) versions of the game are on their way. A Mac version of the the first alpha release should be out within the week, but the linux version will have to wait a little longer (have to bring the game up to Unity 4 Beta release for that).


Small edit: The early preorder price is $15, not €15 as I previously wrote. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Steve

    Definitely improves performance, but the landscape is seriously lacking in interesting runs. Maybe make the landscape the same or slightly lower detail but remove some of the trees and rocks? Also clouds could affect older pcs possibly? Each step you take brings you closer to an eventual final release 🙂 Keep going!

  • Steve

    Flight Dynamics feels slightly tighter, as well as liking the “Exit to desktop” button. Maybe setup a Debug page so I dont leave 20 comments on each page :$ (sorry)

  • Edit : sorry a part of the comment (between greater sign) has been deleted

    Hi Martijn !

    Congratulations ! Finally a playable demo of Volo, omg I’m so excited xD

    Unfortunetely I wasn’t able to play with 0.01, now with 0.02 I can play quite well 😀 but in a low resolution (lower than 1024) 🙁
    It’s weird because I’ve got a “normal” configuration and for instance I’m able to play at “Prototype” without a lag.
    Here is my hardware information if it can help you :
    AMD Athlon II – X4 – 3GHz
    4 Go ram
    ATI Radeon HD 5450

    When I try with a bigger resolution, the main issue I got is the camera not following me, I mean the ragdoll is out of the screen and I guess fps are really low.
    I don’t know if it will be a great help for optimization but maybe for a future release the ability to have a simple camera (which avoid using quaternion and other math), a way to turn off hud (which cost a lot in all games), disable clouds (not the skybox) ..

    Even if I can’t really play at the moment I’m going to donate to support you making an awesome game 😀
    But I’m probably going to buy a new graphic card anyway to fully enjoy the game.
    I’m looking forward to see more updates than the past year :p
    And as said in my previous email if you need an hand (development, website, french translation, brainstorming, testing etc.) just ask !

    Keep up the good work !
    Thanks for all !

    • Hi Olivier,

      Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble running the game. The current version still requires a lot of work on performance, and my expectation is that it will get both faster and prettier as I go along. Thanks for the specs, they help a lot. Indeed, I need to provide graphics customization options for lower spec systems.

      When you say Prototype, you mean the 3rd person shooter game, right?

      • Yep the one made by Radical Entertainment 🙂

  • @Steve: I’ll need to find a balance between performance and interesting geometry. Lot’s to experiment with. At least I now have confirmation that this new build works for a lot more people. The flight dynamics also get more stable as the framerate stabilizes. 🙂

    I’m looking into a centralized support system for feedback. Maybe something like will do nicely.

  • Felix

    I´ve been looking for a decent Basejumping simulator for years. Looks like I´ve finally found one that while not quite there yet is heading in the right direction. I like the controlls so far, would love to see some of the following features in the future:
    -Start your own jump (spawn on top of mountain, not in mid air)
    -Easier Tricks that actually give you bonus points
    -There could be 2 modes Arcade and Simulation. Arcade allows you to do more tricks and has more forgiving flight controls. Simulation is for a more life like experience.
    -More and bigger mountains

    A game with graphics like this shouldn´t be so ressource hungry, I barely get 60fps. Now I know that you use unity, and I´ve seen a lot of unity games that didn´t have the best fps before, but maby you could do some more optimisations.

    Keep up the good work. I´m really looking forward to a more fleshed out version of your game 🙂

    • Glad you like the game! Thanks for the feedback, the game definitely needs lots of optimization. 🙂

  • Is it normal that the pilot “pulls” to the right side the whole time ? I calibrated my controller exactly to the center but he still does not fly completely straight .. is that on purpose so its not so easy to balance or a bug `?

    • Hi Green,

      The character is very unstable. Part of that is intentional, because I don’t want it to feel like you’re controlling an airplane. But part of it is also incompleteness of the physics system, which I’m still working on.

      • Thanks for the reply 🙂

        I was worried that something is wrong with my computer or controller ..

        Really challenging to fly amazing lines, amazing game.. keep it going !

    • Bob

      Hey, you may have a incompatible controller device that is not correctly managed by the game engine Unity. Do you have an XBox360 controller or do you use (like me) an other type of controller ? (game pad, joystick).
      With my joystick, for example the “roll” axis is not mapped correctly so from the central position, if I turn the stick to the right, the character will start by making an extremal left turn, then start smoothly his right turn movement. Same thing when i pull it back to the centre and start a left movement. The whole thing is that it become impossible to control it. And i ve tried every xbox controller emulator i ve found ! 🙁

      But by mapping in an other way i ve managed to make one or two correct flights.
      An nice idea would be to implement a visual HUD with your velocity vector so you know where you’re flying to (like in fighters aircrafts head up displays). It would be way much easier to control your whole trajectory this way.

      • Hey,
        can you give me a link to some sort of mapping driver.. I also have those slight problems and I also use a non xbox360 controller but some other kind from Saitek

        Thanks mate

  • brian

    This is almost playable, it would be awesome if in your next release you added a setting that further reduced graphics quality I don’t care if I’m flying over a blurry green and brown mass of earth I just want to try the game. Anyway this update made it a lot faster than the .01 but still not at all playable for me.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks, I’ll work on it. 🙂

  • mARC

    Hi, Marc here This 2nd versions is much much easier to control… i can run both versions at full 1080p no problems 0.1 thos was alot harder to control the poor little rag doll test dummy lol

    Sepcs, Core 2 duo 3gb ram nvidia g550ti

    Keep up good work man will def donate

  • mARC small clip of ya AWSOME game

  • brian

    Just wanted to suggest that when you get around to making a first person view that it be a belly mounted view such as in this video at 2:28-2:40 i think it would give the feel of flying much better than a first person where there is no body visible.

    • Several camera positions will make it in, like headmounted, legmounted, and so forth. 🙂

  • Rush

    Im glad to finally test out a release of this! Even at its current state its extremely fun. Also I am able to run it on full settings at native resolution with absolutely no problem. Great work!

  • Bailey

    Brilliant game, keep up the good work!

  • Hi, loving the game so far. Have been keeping my eye on this for about a bit over a year now, was so excited to finally see a release :D. 0.01 was playable but at very low FPS and had a very steep learning curve. 0.02 however gives me a very stable frame rate and I can fly some pretty sweet lines. Here’s a challenge for people reading: Fly your favourite line a few times then try and see if you can do the very same line but upside down. (tip: When you’re flying upside down, fold in both arms and push the stick up slightly to maintain a steady glide ratio)

    Okay now for some constructive criticism. 🙂 I love how the second version handles however at points I feel he goes a bit too slow. In the first version I noticed how you could achieve much faster speeds when carving down the mountains. Would love to possibly have that amount of speed back or have various modes with different levels of control (beginner, intermediate, pro) beginner being slower but more forgiving up to pro being the fastest but each movement has much more dramatic effect on the player.
    Secondly, I also loved the map in the first version. There were much more dramatic lines to fly and would really test your skill. The second version seems a little…..flat? I guess. But this may be due to optimisation.
    Lastly…..for now 😉 as stated above, in higher resolutions the character seems to be easier to take out of the screen. Would love for an option (once paused) to change camera angle to a static one mounted on the player. Possibly thinking it may work if the camera is mounted to his torso.

    But thankyou for creating something which others have failed so hard at trying to achieve. I thought Just cause 2 base jumping was good, waited and waited for them to bring out wing suits….. thoroughly disappointed. However Just cause 2 has nothing on Volo. This is the single most amazing wingsuit/skydiving simulator out there. Keep up the good work and I am looking VERY forward to version 0.03.

    Now if you don’t mind me I’m off to watch all of you videos again 😛


    • Thanks for the feedback, Elliott! I need to experiment a lot to find the right balance between interesting level design, high fidelity graphics and good performance. Indeed, the level in 0.01 is much more interesting. 🙂

  • Marc

    Man can get enough of this game lol!! sweeeet here’s aanother good line

  • Marc

    1st person view would be kinda kool and also replays with cinematic cameras views like switching views and angles after your line that be kinda kool

  • Ant

    For me, v.0.01 was very slow and uncontrollable. v0.02 is smooth, controllable and utterly brilliant fun!

    Thank you very much indeed for the performance boost.

    By the way, the feature I’m most looking forward to in this is the parachute!

  • Oscar

    Could we have two camera modes? I’m having a issue with the one now, as the player keeps disappearing out the screen and the camera keeps looking at the ground until i move it. Could we have a generic thirdperson shooter style camera that tracks the player and keeps on at all times? That would be SO much better. Liking the development so far, amazing game, better than most ones today.

    • The player going out of screen is a bug, but regardless of that I’ll introduce different camera modes and perspectives. 🙂

  • Pierre

    Thanks for this great game.

    The first version works fine on my computer and I still playing the first version of the game because the graphics are more detailed and I think lines are more interesting in this version. But the flight controls are much easier in second version.

    Do you think for the next version of the game you can make full detailed graphics (like v0.01) for people who can run it and lighter graphics (like v0.02) for those who can’t ?

    Sorry for my english, I am french.

  • Oscar

    The camera is a bit glitchy for me, as I cant seem to find the player at most times. When he flys up or down or whatever, he goes past the camera and disappears from view. This leaves the camera looking at the floor. And once I recenter it by moving it around, same thing happens. Make a generic third person shooter kinda camera and that camera. Amazing work, its great on my computer except that.

  • Nicart

    It’d be wonderful if we could play it with the keyboard, I have no xbox controller :'(

    • Eventually you will, I’m on it. 🙂

  • nate

    No problems with performance with Version 1 … I have a 5 year old computer.
    I found Version one map way more fun !

    Skydiver Fan

  • Royff

    The game looks great! Great Job! Im enjoying it!

  • I’am playing with a PS3 works nice with MotionInJoy 😉
    I downloaded the first release and then the second one, the second much is better for my slow computer 😉

    I changed the input buttons assigniation in the configuration screen.. but how can i get back the default assignations of the buttons? ..


  • To everyone,

    The goals for v0.03 are as follows:
    – Improved performance (like v0.02)
    – More interesting terrain with better lines (like v0.01)
    – In-game configurable controls
    – Keyboard/mouse support
    – Multiple spawnpoints

    Should be ready for release some time next week.

  • Can’t wait to play the alpha (odn’t have a X-Box controller) any idea when the keyboard/mouse version will be available?

  • Suphi

    I’m running on a:
    Intel Celeron 1.6Ghz single core
    ATI Radeon HD 5450 Graphics
    1.5GB ram
    0.01 was on the edge of playable
    but 0.02 makes it a lot smoother and runs grate
    i wonder how 0.03 will run 🙂

  • i have had this vision of building the hardware to suspend a person to feel like they are flying a wingsuit… but i have seen the software portion of the project as a road-block… less so now…

  • Pierre

    Some good lines in this video :

  • Loving the game so far Tinus, Slightly laggy on full settings but my graphics card is very poor (cost £25!! )!
    0.2 runs perfect at a slightly lower res though :0
    This game had me playing for hours, Can’t wait for future releases and updates! I will be sure to donate on payday!

  • alias

    Waiting for Mac Keyboard/mouse support …
    Thanks !

  • Ak47

    Good job really enjoy keep it up!

  • Iggy Ride

    How do you control the skydiver on PC? It isn’t working for me!!! 🙁
    The controls aren’t working PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    I have PC do you have to have an xbox controller?

    • @Iggy Ride: Sorry you’re having trouble! I’m working on keyboard/mouse controls, but they’re not in the game yet. For the moment you need to use a gamepad or joystick, preferably an Xbox 360 controller.

  • ian

    This game is awesome!! even in this alpha it is easily worth 15$ for me, will donate asap. keep up the good work. No lag 60 fps for me on a 6850 card. Whatever you add to the game, just remember to please keep some type of mode like this, just to fool around in, no objectives or scoring. the physics in this game are simply phenomenal!

    • Hi Ian! Glad to hear you like the game, and good to know the game runs well on your system. What kind of resolution are you running at?

      Volo’s basic style of play will always be freeform like this. I’m certainly adding competition systems and events, and they will add lot to the game, but they will be optional. 🙂

      • ian

        running 1360×768 now, but equally smooth at 1920×1080

      • ian

        also, just tried 1.0, it runs at 35-50 fps on max, but the lines are a lot better in my opinion, love the tight canyons and ravines.

  • AtMostFear

    Awesome game gotta say I’m absolutely hooked already and the game isn’t even finished!!
    Can’t wait for future demos and the eventual finished copy, it’s left me checking the website almost daily for any updates keep up the great work!!!

    • You can subscribe to blog updates through RSS, that makes it much easier to keep track. 🙂

  • Marc Heres Another great vid good lines Please watch all if in a hurry click red button for the 2 best lines cant wait for 0.3 and guys i have mediocre cpu video card is all with unity dual core 3ghz 3gig ram nvidia g 550ti

    • Heya Marc: Sweet lines! Keep it up. 8)

  • Iggy Ride

    can you use a PS3 controller? I don’t have an Xbox controller. 🙁

    • Hi Iggy: You can use a program called ‘MotionInJoy’ to make your PS3 controller work like an Xbox 360 controller. 🙂

  • Hi!
    I followed the game now since a few years and I am super happy to play it now I spended already a few hours now with this game, and I have to say its fuxxn addictive! 😉 …the first version was not playable for me with a Gforce Gt 630m/ 4095MB 8GB ram and intel core i5-2450M, I was quite surprised to see that this game is so “hungry” the new version works quite good now and how I said I am super happy to play it finally. Its a awesome job and exactly the kind of game I like, with all it’s difficult controls and the time u need to master it!

    I had a idea about the setment of the controls, I realized I dont use the camera stick to much and I found closing the legs and arms digital is sometimes not precise enough to really fly as close as possible all the time. What I would really like to see is the possibility to set the arm and leg controls on the second stick for those who want it, right now it have to be on a botton.
    I mean pushing the stick to the front for closing the arms, pulling back closing the legs and to the side just closing one arm. It would be necessary to get a botton to close arms and legs at once, ore just give the possibility of duple setting one control. ( like closing legs on the stick and on X for example)
    I dont know how difficult this will be for you to make, but I think it really would give you even more control and freedom over ur character.
    Let me know what you think about!

    But really thanks for this game! You are doing a great job and I am happy that someone is motivate to push something like this! I really hope for you, you gone have a lot of success with this game!
    Cheers, and CYA!

    • Hi Lino,

      Thanks for the tip! With the new control configuration screen I’m working on you’ll be able to do all that. 🙂

      • Sweet!
        Sounds great, can’t wait to test the new version! : )

  • This is GREAT! I’m having a lot of fun. I love it.

  • This needs to be on Kickstarter!

  • irratio

    please keep on working on the game! find urself some people to help you working on it ! looking very good so far !

  • Tyler

    Volo airsport debug –
    Controls must be manually recalibrated and set before initial use in order to provide best control interface
    stuttering of model in the arms during the initial dive to increase speed. Shakiness is removed by applying input of any kind. Seems that the lack of input makes the model inherently unstable but any control remedies the issue.
    Landscape of v. 0.1 was awesome and allowed for much more dramatic and deep lines. V0.2 skimps on detail but the difference in performance was not noticed. I could run both programs without issue on Fantastic in 1600 x 900 resolution fullscreen.
    The skydiver will leave the view of the camera during intense or extreme maneuvering, especially when pulling up quickly. Hard to control the wingsuit when you have no idea of the orientation. I suggest adding a roll meter of some kind, similar to that of modern-day airplanes. The instability of the flyer makes it prone to rolling over in extreme moves which makes maneuvering a potential nightmare. A real wingsuitist would be able to notice if they were upside down.

    The camera could also be optimized. Its hard to get the camera to do what it needs to do without sacrificing the wingsuit line. I’ve had the most success flying without messing with the camera at all and just flying blindly when the character leaves the screen. An option to zoom the camera in and out would be ideal so players could set the camera to what they need in order to fly at their best.

    Add options to adjust volume in game.
    Add options for more jump locations within the Island map in V0.2 . This doesn’t have to be in game just yet. You could simply have similar dialogue boxes to the ones on the start up screen where you adjust resolution and stuff. These options would allow for higher starting altitudes or starting on another side of the mountain. This would give the player a much larger assortment of lines to fly, making the testing phase more fun for everyone.

    wingsuitist constantly pulls right. This can be fixed through player input. By always keeping the left stick pushed somewhat left of by using the left trigger to yaw left, the tendency to go right can be reduced.

    Controls could be further refined in order to be less twitchy and prone to instablilty. By making the left stick movement a non linear function, you could change the way input is received. Since the game requires more finesse than full commitment to one direction ie pushing the stick all the way down to pull up at the greatest rate. There should be less sensitivity in the middle of the left stick range because this is where the player will be pushing it for the majority of the game. The game is not played using all up or all down or all left inputs and therefore the inputs for these moderate inputs should be easier to use. This could decrease the learning curve and make the game more appealing to a larger audience. Maybe have different difficulty settings as well.

    Handy tips for the game – Use Y to close front wings and deaden the controls so that you can adjust up and down without the reactions being so extreme. Be warned using Y will make it harder to maneuver and make quick turns. If you need to make a quick adjustment due to the boulder you just saw, release y for a bit and then press it again once the adjustment has been made.

    Also, use A to adjust flight angle quickly. Use this to pull out of steep dives or pull out turns that you could not have made with all wings open.

    All in all, this is an awesome game. I’ve spent hours already playing the alpha and I have to say I’m addicted. I can’t wait to see how your game develops into a project that blows the original B.A.S.E Extreme Edition game out of the water.

    I would like to see that ability to stop tracking and perform acrobatics like in BASE Extreme but that’s way down the road. Just saying 🙂 Thanks for the work you’ve put into this game so far.

    • Heya Tyler, thanks so much for taking the time to send me all that feedback. Some of those items were already on the todo list, and the rest has promptly been added. 🙂

    • Ant

      I’d like to second the suggestion of the non-linear control response.

      Martijn, you have made something very, very special. If you keep this up, the rewards will surely be massive. I am really looking forward to the next alpha!

  • Jon

    Fantastic already.

    One thing to make almost impossible to put down: the chance to “pop the parachute” and land. I realise that’s not a minor request, but it would provide a fantastic pay-off to good flights.

    One minor issue: I can’t yaw. My cheap-ass NYGA controller is recognised by Vista as having 10 buttons, but I can’t configure the bumpers/triggers (buttons 5-8) to control yaw. I cope without it though!

    Love the map. Love the visceral feeling of flight. Love the fact I’ve not been dashed on rocks a hundred times in real life.

    Keep on it!

    P.S. For your records, playing very happily at fullscreen (1680×1050) on my GTX 260.

  • Reminds me of PilotWings for the Nintendo 64! I can’t put this down man. Plays with no issues 1920×1080 windowed with fantastic quality settings on my Radeon 4800.

    If you could add walls or make the water show up better that would be a great improvement in the short term while I’m playing the alpha.

    well done.

    • PilotWings 64 has been a big inspiration for this game, thanks for mentioning it. 🙂

  • Christian

    Any ETA on .3 yet? I’m loving this. Also, I made a video of me playing if anyone wants to check it out here:

    • I wanted v0.03 to be out by now, but the input config system I’m working on is taking a bit more time than I planned. It’s surprising the amount of work it takes to do something like that well, hah. 🙂

  • Thomas

    First off, I’d just like to let you know that the game is great. I love the new flight physics, however the new terrain is sorely lacking great runs, the 0.0.1 map was much better. For 0.0.3 maybe keep the new physics and revert back to the old terrain. Just my 2 cents, keep up the good work

    • @Thomas: I’m working to find the balance between interesting, high fidelity terrain, and performance. Better levels are on their way!

  • Kizza42

    Awesome work, have been waiting for this since it featured on RPS! $15 to you 🙂

    • @Kizza42: Thank you kindly, sir. 🙂

  • Billy

    This is amazing! I’m really impressed with the level of control you have. I’ve been playing this all afternoon with a friend and we agreed that if you get around to making a full version of the game, it’d be great to see some co-op in there. Maybe trying to match each other’s runs or something.
    Keep it up! 🙂

  • Matt

    Hi man, I think you are really onto something here. The mechanics feel awesome, and the difficulty curb is near perfect. Very rewarding to chase that “one” great line! I think that this would be really fun with some sort of coop or multiplayer aspect if possible. The thought of following a mate or two and trying to get closer than them etc is pretty cool. Definitely will donate when I get some cash, keep up the good work!

    • Multiplayer is in the works. I agree, that would make the game twice as good. 🙂

  • Josh

    Hey man i was just wondering when 0.03 was coming out because i love the controls in 0.02 and hate the terrain and love the terrain in 0.01 but hate how unstable you are.

    Thanks a lot for the awesome game though.

    Also getting constant 60FPS in both version at 1920×1080 with fantastic quality settings a 670 and an I7 2700k

  • Matt

    Hi guys, here are a few runs I got from the latest alpha. Thanks again for allowing us to play, it’s really addictive finding and perfecting different lines.

  • Just wanted to let you know that the new update improved flight control on my pc.
    I am running a pretty high-end system(8 core CPU, 7970 Gfx Card) and Volo runs like a dream at max settings.
    Keep up the good work, You should be very proud at the progress you have made since the first video you released. You have serious Dev Skillz! 😉

    ~Volo Fan for life~

    • Good to hear, thanks for letting me know!

  • J-Raptor

    Been playing around in the game, having lots of fun with it. Got it working with my joystick which is good, workd alot better than other games I have played with flight elements.

    Just been wondering about the yaw, to me it doesn’t seem to do anything at all, just me or this normal?

  • Christian

    Getting 60 fps w/ i5 3570k @ 4.4ghz and GTX 660ti SC+ on fantastic settings. Also, any ETA on .03??

  • alias

    Any news from the next release ?
    I want to play with my keaboard on my iMac !
    Can’t wait !

  • me

    please make it work on keyboard on the next release i cant wait

  • jake

    for some reason Yaw control is not working for my xbox 360 controller in this version.
    it worked in version 0.01.

    • Brian B

      same problem here

    • I probably broke it. 🙁

  • daniel

    Hey please the game for me is not responding my xbox controller please make a 0.03 with controls on keyboard pleaaaseee!

  • so glad to see this in alpha- its great -well done- will be buying- go ramjet!

    ps it goes great with hotline miami soundtrack(whilst i wait for them to fix controls for controller- unlike yours which are perfect)

  • Munish

    plz help me in remaping controls for keyboard anyone

  • Xforce

    Man please please please make keyboard support in 0.03 release. It’s gonna be the biggest gift not only for me but for everybody. Thank you so much

  • billy

    it would be cool if you could watch your replay from dif camera angles

  • TRna7ion

    hey Tinus very good work!!!! 😀 but the only problem is the camera dont follows my “wingman” how can i fix this ? BUT GOOD WORK 😀

    • That’s a bug, sorry! When your framerate goes down the camera starts to get sluggish and fails to keep the player on-screen. Next version should fix it.

  • TRna7ion

    Good work ! 😀 but my only problem is that the camera dont follows the Wingsuit man, how can i fix this ?

  • TRna7ion

    sry for double posting my internet was lagging :-/

  • George

    Can we get keyboard support……. next update maybe?

  • alias

    Any news ? …

  • So is this dead or what? 0.03 was supposed to be out months ago, which its fine that its not out yet things happen, but there have been no updates or comments about it….if you could just put out a small update with keyboard controls, you can ignore everything else and put them in a bigger update after

    • Christian

      I sent an email to him a few days ago and he said the reason he hasn’t updated yet is because he has been working on a freelance project and is almost done with it, which has a much higher priority than this.

    • I’m so sorry! I’m not working on this game full time, and I had a bunch of freelance work lined up. I’d like to work on Volo full time, but it doesn’t come close to paying the bills. I hope I can transition to full time Volo development in 2013.

      See the new blog post for what has been happening. Thanks for your patience.

  • groundrush

    boooaahh ! i <3 it ! im play this game on my beamer in 3D ! 😉 holy sh** !


    where is the new bigger map with some more mountains !!! 0.03
    cant wait 😉

  • suarez

    very good démo!!! the flying is very real! it lacks the texture and particularly the canopie ! 😉

    good luck for the future!!!

  • Brian B

    Hey could you give us an idea of when to expect the next update.

  • Marc EPIC RUNS!! Volo 0.01 😀

  • Artem

    Sorry for my bad english
    I think the game will be successful! Alpha version very nice!)
    I would like to clarify:

    1. the game will be positioned as the arcade or as a simulator?
    2. Make any additional settings physics fall for the users? I believe that you can do the standard factory settings and selected specifically for demanding users…
    3. Will there be first-person view? if so, what would be the marking for the orientation of the body spatially recomposed it
    Thank you in advance for your answers 🙂

    • 1. The game will definitely be deep, with lots of room for exploration, experimentation, and player skill. It’ll be complex and take a long time to really master. That said, it won’t be a super-realistic simulation. The simulation will seem like skydiving, but it would never be like actual skydiving. You could see it as a new variant, a digital version of skydiving; it’s somewhat like actual skydiving, but it’s also different.
      2. As the game grows you’ll be able to tweak many things. I want you to customize your style of motion, suit aerodynamic properties, and even fundamental things like the strength and direction of gravity.
      3. There will be many different camera perspectives, first person being one of them.

      Thanks for your questions. 🙂

  • tome

    Hnnnnngh I somehow missed this blog post; so cut that for two months I could have been playing this. Donated! Please hurry a keyboard/mouse version out the door, even just leaving out everything else you’ve worked on since. I just want to play this thing so badly (even ordered a 360 controller online just now; way too keen).

    • Thanks so much!

      Keyboard and mouse support are on the way, but I definitely recommend a gamepad anyway. 🙂

  • tome

    Oh, yeah, performance: FRAPS gives me an average of about 75 fps on an i5 2500K+, GTX560ti 2GB VRAM, and 4GB of 1600Mhz RAM

  • Artem

    control very the sharp
    doll spinning in different directions, for unknown reasons, the real flight in wingsuit such does not happen

    • solomon Etana Posted on I am from Ethiopia and I am a graduate of Engineering Geology studnet(MSc program) and I still look forward to continue my education in similar and related subjects.Would you please forward me important links and the application procedures?thanks in advance

  • OMG, most fun I’ve had with a game in years. Brilliant alpha release. First game I feel, I’d pay for.

    Please release this as a simulator, as close to actual physics as possible or at least add an option to set it to simulator.
    Also, graphics is great! if you could just add a few more stuff for the show, like waterfalls etc.
    In any case, all I really care about is having actual scenery with actual geographic information. Is it not possible to link the game to google maps, or atleast take some information from it.

    The model can be updated(assuming that would come later xD), but, what i’m more interested in is, having different types of wingsuits in the game. For instance I want to be able to feel the difference between a Vampire and a Blade.

    The great thing about this game is being able to get a feel for wingsuit flying without actually being in a wingsuit, thats why its so important for the terrain to be realistic and accurate.

    Keep up the good work, I’ll be donating and expecting great things.

    • Thanks!

      I don’t plan on making the game more ‘arcade-y’, it’ll only get deeper and more nuanced. Once the flight dynamics are properly fleshed out I’ll create different suits, and you should even be able to tweak some of their properties. 🙂

  • Logan

    Hey i love this game and i am a long time proxy flying lover … my only issue with this game so far is the camera… i find when ever i get into a narrow fjord or barely skimming a mountain i cannot see my self and it usually results in me hitting the mountain, cannot wait for the next version to come out and just a suggestion you should add a replay option so people can watch the awesome lines they pull off. will be looking forward to the next release. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK <3

    • Thanks! Look for replays around the same time networked multiplayer is added. 🙂

  • brian

    I love this game still play .02 all the time. I think its kind of ridiculous that you haven’t even updated the blog with any new regarding the game though seeing as you said .03 would be out a week or so after .02, I understand a game like this isn’t your top priority and your working on a freelance project but please give us an update regarding the .03 release.

    • Christian

      Seriously, what he said. It’s been months now. I expect the next update to be huge.

    • New blog post up, it explains what has been happening the last few months. I understand your frustration, trust me, I share it!

  • fin

    i love the game the physics and game play of it are amazing, but i was wondering if you could add a first person mode? i have seen it in a game before this is much better though and it made the game a lot more enjoyable and exiting to play.

  • tome

    I’m starting to seriously regret pre-ordering this. Tinus, you don’t have to spend any time whatsoever to quickly post a “yes, I’m still working on it” or “no, I’ve had other obligations” or even “no, I got bored”.It would have been two minutes out of precisely a month. It also would not take very long to add support for mouse and keyboard – you’re getting a lot of interest in this and not everyone owns a gamepad (I’m still waiting on mine to be delivered).

    • Yes me too :/
      It’s the same thing for 2 years, I was thinking that with the release of the alpha it will be a new start but nothing has changed …
      I know that for 15$ we can’t have the full game we all expect but at least some blog post would be nice.

    • New blog post up, I hope it answers a lot of your questions. My apologies for all the frustration.

      • Actually i didn’t regret paying at all. All i wanted to say is that we are dissapointed.
        Glad for the new blog post 🙂

  • Been playing 0.2 a lot and really love it. I would be totally gutted if this game never got finished. The physics are fantastic and damn am I ready for pilot wings done right 😉 Here are a few runs I recorded

  • Marc and couple vids with some epic runs!! ahhh yeahh both ver 0.01 max graffics!!! enjoy

  • tome

    Ah, man. I just got my gamepad and have been playing the balls off of this thing. I now un-regret preordering. Even in this state it’s sooooooo joyous. A beautiful thing.

    • Heya! Again, sorry for all the delays and frustrations. I’m certainly stumbling my way through development instead of cruising. 🙂

      Very happy to hear you got your gamepad and are able to play!

  • Edgar

    Hi :),
    I have a question.I saw in YouTube that you can play in multiplayer mode ? And how can i play multiplayer with my friends ? C an you answer the question please.

    • Hi Edgar! Multiplayer isn’t in the current build, since I need to solve some issues to properly support it. It’s coming, though! Thanks for asking. 🙂

  • Wvision

    Fantastic game! Made a video of a couple attempts.
    Maybe had about 15mins of play at this point till 2am!. Did wish I could open and close arms via the right analog stick instead of it controlling camera. Figure camera control would be great in replay as we could make great video edits.

    I love the twitchy controls. Really makes you have to focus on every move you make. Can’t wait to see more ravines steeper cliffs to hug around and more treelines as altitude goes down. But for now just happy to have game to play 😀

  • Kevin

    How do I set this up to were I can play this with my ps3 controller. I’ve seen people say that they play this with their ps3 controller.

  • Dean

    Hey, good luck on this project, I’m a fan!
    I want to try this game, the hing is I’m on a mac and have a ps3 controller.
    Is it in any way possible for the two to work together?

    I’ve heard of the motionjoy software, but I can only see it for windows.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Dean

      Scrap that, ps3 controller work, what I do need though is what button should go where?
      Anyone here configured a ps3 controller?

  • Curtis

    Running the game on my mac and LOVING it! Throwing money at my screen now!
    I don’t think I have much to add that hasn’t already been asked for, at least nothing that can’t wait until you get a centralized feedback system.
    My minor issues. My FPS is pretty solid and stable… for the first few jumps. After a half a dozen or so restarts I lose my FPS stability, thus messing up the flight dynamics and camera, slowly getting worse until it becomes nearly unplayable. Also, because mac’s native support for the ps3 controller via bluetooth, any chance you could fix the controller mapping? As of right now I cannot map yaw to the triggers, instead it requires the yaw to be mapped to a stick. (and those are already occupied by pitch/roll and camera)
    Once again for an early alpha build this is awesome! You have a longtime follower and a fan here!

    • Hey Curtis, thanks! I’m working on a massive overhaul of the input system, and you should be able to remap the controls using any available joystick or gamepad you have available. Keyboard/Mouse support is also going in.

      I’m also aware of the degrading performance after longer gameplay sessions, and looking into it.

      And thanks again for starting the Volo Airsport SubReddit!

  • Curtis

    Just started this if anybody wants a easy place to post videos / chat!

  • Slipstream

    Great game! I’m a skydiver for a living, so seeing this type of game being developed is something special. I’ve BASE jumped, but never wingsuit BASE’d. Now I don’t have to, or at least I can have fun now living it out through your game. Great job! It is stable, the controls are intuitive, and the flight model leans more towards a sim vs. an arcade game (which is exactly how I had hoped it would be). Now all we need are true landscapes and the frills (particle effects, good skins, and uptodate flight models for each wingsuit manufacturer and model). Are you planning on having Pro Pilots spotlighted in the game, and actual topographical data input to indulge those that would like to fly in real spots? Are we going to be able to see if we can fly at Table Rock and clear the ledge, unlike Jeb Corliss? Can we launch from a helo, skydive (not proxy) in formation with our buddies? So many questions. I’m sure you’re quite busy answering others. Just wanted to say thank you for the Alpha. Can’t wait to see your next bit of progress.