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Alpha 0.02 Release – Improvements and Mac Support

Here’s a quick update to yesterday’s release.

Download Volo Airsport Alpha 0.02 Win

Download Volo Airsport Alpha 0.02 Mac

Changes for 0.02

  • Mac version released
  • Lowered Joint Iteration Count for player ragdoll to increase performance at the cost of slight loss of joint stability
  • Created a lower-resolution terrain to increase performance

Let me know what you guys think! Specifically, I want to know if this increases performance for anyone.

Happy flying!


Useful info from the previous post:


The game can be played with an Xbox 360 pad. For other controllers you’ll have to remap the configuration in the launcher window. Here’s the controls:

Back:               Reset/Respawn
Start:               Pause
Left stick:         Pitch/Roll
Right stick:      Camera
Triggers:          Yaw
A:                     Close Leg wing
B:                     Close Right Arm Wing
X:                     Close Left Arm Wing
Y:                     Close Both Arm Wings

The first times you play you’ll find yourself tumbling down and crashing. This is perfectly normal. The control scheme is complex and gives you a lot of control; but it expects a lot of finesse.

Some tips:

  • A gentle touch is key
  • Pull back on the pitch control slightly maintain an even glide angle
  • Banking turns usually require simultaneous use of the pitch, roll and yaw controls to find the right balance
  • Close wings temporarily for fast manoeuvring
  • Crashing lots is fine

Please send me any feedback you have. Feel free to share the game with friends. And if you think you’ve gotten the hang of it, record your runs and share ’em on Youtube! I’m really curious to see what kind of lines you can pull off.

— Updates —


By popular demand I’ve set up a quick Donation page. If you donate $15 or more you are entitled to all future releases of the game!


Controls Configuration

Some folks are having trouble setting up their own gamepads and joysticks. The most common problem is that Unity’s button numbers start from 0, not from 1. So your joystick’s button 3 should be entered as button 2 in the configuration panel. Future versions of the game will have an in-game configuration screen for all this.

Playstation 3 Controller users can use MotionInJoy to map their controls to the game.


Performance on older or lower-end systems can be bad. If you experience framedrop, shakey bodyparts or stuttering camera motion you are most likely affected by performance problems. Don’t fret about having to upgrade your system just yet! I have lots of optimizing to do, and future versions of the game will likely run both faster and prettier.

Mac & Linux Support

Mac and Linux (ubuntu) versions of the game are on their way. A Mac version of the the first alpha release should be out within the week, but the linux version will have to wait a little longer (have to bring the game up to Unity 4 Beta release for that).


Small edit: The early preorder price is $15, not €15 as I previously wrote. Sorry for the confusion!