Oculus Runtime 0.8 Build Released

It’s high time to bring the Oculus build up to date, as the previous on was no longer able to run on new Oculus Runtimes. If you’ve been itching to fly v3.5 in VR, now’s your chance!


This build is based on a test version of v3.5.1, which contains some graphics changes, added environment props, and modified third person camera behaviour.

The build is currently still separate from the regular builds, but we are getting closer to a situation in which VR mode can be switched while the game is running.

For the time being Oculus builds will also be Windows only. It’s a shame, but Oculus are apparently only focusing on a single platform for now. Chances are the next build will be based on Steam’s VR library so the game can be played on the HTC Vive as well.

Here are the prerequisites:

Here’s how to get the build:

  1. Start Steam
  2. Go to your game library
  3. Right click Volo Airsport, go to Properties
  4. Go to Betas, and select the oculus branch.

Steam will now download and install a variant of the game which runs on the Rift.

(Note: If you bought the game on Itch.io you can also find the build there.)

Potential snags:

  • On some systems the game will be confused about which GPU to run on. If your game hangs on the loading screen check out this forum thread for workarounds.
  • Ensure the Oculus Rift is reported as fully connected in the Oculus Runtime Configuration Utility. I’ve had many cases where it lost connenction, after which the game refuses to boot properly. Just replug the Rift’s cables if this happens.
  • Certain settings are pretty awful for VR. High quality shadows and extreme quality trees can really dip your framerate, for example.
  • Shadows can glitch out sometimes at noon, so I suggest fixing the time at sun-up/sunset
  • Fresnel effect in shadowed areas sometimes disappears for right eye camera. I believe this is due to an internal Unity bug.

Right, you’re probably wondering where multiplayer’s at! It’s progressing at a good pace, but because we’ve decided to roll out own networking layer instead of using off-the-shelf technology it’s taking sweet time. More in-depth development news soon!

What’s Happening 6: Multiplayer Progress

You can play Volo Airsport right now! Get it through our own website, the Humble Store, or Steam. Request press copies through our Distribute page.

Right after we released v3.5 we moved on to the last big subsystem we still have to build: multiplayer netcode. We don’t have anything playable for you yet, but we’ve done a huge amount of work and I’m going to tell you all about it.


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Volo Airsport v3.5 Released

Play Volo Airsport right now, get it through our website, the Humble Store, Itch.io or Steam.

See the Volo Airsport User Manual for instructions on downloading new updates.

New Release

It took bloody forever, but here we are! v3.5 is finally out, you get to play it, and we get to move on to multiplayer.

Lots has changed, lots has stayed the same. For all the details, check out this new featurette video:

Major changes:

  • Engine upgrade to Unity 5
  • Linux support
  • Physically based shading
  • New, more stylized terrain shading
  • Real-time day/night and weather cycles
  • Long range shadows
  • Completely revamped sound effects
  • Significant performance optimizations
  • More stability, more polish
  • New logo art

As always, let us know what you think about this new release! Leave a comment here, or better yet: discuss on the forums!

Spring Sale & Quick Update

Hey folks!

Long time no blog, sorry. If you’ve been feeling starved of development news I highly recommend you follow either the twitter feed or facebook page, as they provide a more day-to-day report of what’s happening.

Our lovely new logo, designed by Diana & Janis

First off, Volo is currently on sale at 20% off during the Steam summer sale. Got get it!

Second, here’s your quick reminder to check out the near-final version of v3.5 on the Test branch We’ve got a couple of small things left to tidy up, but the windows mac and linux distributions are almost ready for prime time.

– Completely revamped Graphics
– Completely new Sound Design
– Day/Night Cycle
– Dynamic Weather
– Significant performance improvements
– Lots of other things

Blues skies!

The course editor

Volo’s course editor was made to share the joy of creating and flying time trial courses, based on the fun Martijn and I had creating the initial set of courses for v3.2 challenging each other, and later on discovering Youtube video’s of others playing these courses. We liked what we saw so much that we decided to create a course editor similar to how we created the initial courses in Unity and were very curious to see what you all could come up with. As it is one thing with Volo that caught our eye when watching countless Youtube video’s is that everyone plays the game differently. Everyone has a personal flying style and discovers different lines on the Volo mountain.


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