Ramjet Anvil Show Ep. 8: Fantasy & Realism

Howdy Pilots!

We take a question from the comments about Volo’s current and future art direction, looking at the space between the concepts of pure realism and pure fantasy, where the two are much alike, and where we think they can really help each other.

01:02 Luc Sommerland’s comment (thanks!)
01:45 The space between realism and fantasy in game simulation
12:47 Lots of concept art!
18:31 User generated content

Check out more work by Moldybyrd at: http://moldybyrd.com/


Ramjet Anvil Show Ep.4: Visual Parachute Editor

We are joined by fellow gamedev Xalavier Nelson to talk about the new parachute experimental build! We discuss the current visual parachute editing system, our future plans for it, and the design principles underpinning it all.

Parachutes Experimental Release 4 Free Download: https://ramjetanvil.itch.io/volo-parachutes

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